Makeup Look - Pink Glossy Lids Paired With Matte Pink Lips

Glossy lids

Glossy lids Spring-summer is the season typically associated with luminous, sun-kissed skin. The glossy eyelids makeup is trendy and totally in sync with summer. Here’s how to nail this hi-shine trend. Inspiration: Glossy glamour Lovely pink glossy lids paired with matte pink lips and a hint of pink blush. Bold brows and mascara-clad lashes make the eyes stand out and look more alluring.



Recreate this fab look in 6 easy steps

Step 1

Apply coral blush on eyelids as base from the Chisel It Show Stopper palette.

Step 2:

Next, apply pink eyeshadow from All Eye Need Razzmatazz eyeshadow on the lids and blend. Smudge some along the lower lash line, paying extra attention to the outer corners of the eyes.

Step 3:

Add a dash of highlighter on the inner corners of the eyes and on the brow bone.

Step 4:

Using eyeshadow brush, lightly coat the eyelids in pink gloss using Colour Fusion Dawn to Dusk lip gloss.

Step 5:

Fill in the brows with Stay Defined HD brow powder and apply generous coats of mascara on the lashes.

Step 6
Moisturise the lips and swipe on Perfect Curves pink matte lipstick in Debutante.

Check out our YouTube video to get this summery look.