Bindass Bride Makeup Look


The Bindaas Bride is bold, beautiful and confident. She's too cool for school so a traditional bridal makeup look is definitely not her first choice. She’s a city girl who's edgy, confident, she does whatever she wants, when she wants. If you think you can fill these shoes then this bridal makeup is perfect for you.

Bridal Makeup | Bridal Makeup Tips & Tricks | Daniel Bauer Bridal Makeup Tutorial | MyGlamm

Follow this step by step bridal makeup tutorial with the simple makeup hacks. MyGlamm's Global Makeup Director, Daniel Bauer knows what this bawse gurl needs. This #BindaasBride is ready to rock and roll. ? Products Used:?? Face: ?????? Pose HD Setting Powder?? http://bit.ly/2ZZD3Re Eyes: ?????? Stay Defined? http://bit.ly/IGStaydefined Lips: ?????? Pose HD Lipstick in Mahogany ?? http://bit.ly/2ZV9Bfq Website: https://www.myglamm.com/ Or Download our app: https://appurl.io/jkdwjzfs ...