Bright Eye Makeup Look

Blushes and blaze

Bright eye makeup is the simplest way to brighten up dull days.  Both blue and gold are popular colours this year and though tricky, can easily jazz up your look. If you are feeling experimental, try this totally sexy eye makeup look. Inspiration: Bright eye makeup Radiant skin, peppy pink lips and bright, sultry eyes with a hint of blue and gold.



Recreate this fab look in 6 easy steps:

Step 1:

On moisturised face, apply tinted primer like Tinted Perfection Base Primer & Pore Minimiser. Next, create a light base and set it with Glow to Glamour fixing powder.

Step 2:

Take peach blush from Chisel It Show Stopper palette on a fluffy brush and apply on the cheeks in swirling motions. Apply powder highlighter on the high points of the face.

Step 3:

Tight line the eyes with Jet Set Eyes Kajal. Apply shimmery blue eyeshadow like the All Eye Need Picture Perfect on the eyelids. Blend away the harsh lines. Take some eyeshadow on a brush and gently swipe on the lower lash line.

Step 4:
Take powder highlighter form the same palette on the eyeshadow brush and apply on the inner corners of the eyes. Extend the gold on the lower lash line to blend with the blue.

Step 5:

Create an eyeliner using the Stay Defined Liquid eyeliner. Fill in the brows with Stay Defined HD eyebrow powder and apply a few coats of Threesome Mascara on the lashes.

Step 6:

Moisturise the lips and swipe on pink matte lipstick like the Perfect Curves in Debutante followed by sheer lip gloss in Colour Fusion Beauty Shot.