Ambika Anand's Makeup Look

Ambika Anand

Producer and anchor of some of the finest shows like "I am too sexy for my shoes", "The Big Fat Indian Wedding","Value for Money", "Vanity No Apologies" and "Boss's Day Out", Ambika Anand wears multiple hats and has created a niche as an accomplished journalist, TV actor and a power woman in the world of Indian television. Inspiration: Minimal makeup Matte, bronzed skin with a light base that can be carried every day. Nude lips, bold brows and simple eyeliner makes it right for office.

Recreate this evening look in 5 easy steps:

Step 1:
On cleansed and moisturised face, prepare a light base using Total Makeover FF Cream. Set the base with Glow to Glamour matte fixing powder.

Step 2:
Contour the face with the bronzer from the Chisel It Show Stopper palette. Apply blush from the same palette on the hollows of your cheeks followed by highlighter on the higher planes of the face like apples of the cheeks, bridge of the nose and center of the forehead.

Step 3:
Mix together blush and bronzer from the Chisel It Show Stopper palette using an eyeshadow brush. Apply evenly on the lids and blend.

Step 4:
Fill in the brows with the Stay Defined HD Brow Powder for fuller brows. Draw a clean eyeliner using the Stay Defined Liquid Eyeliner.

Step 5:
Finish the look with a nude peach lipstick like the Perfect Curves in Biscotti.