• Relaxing Aromachologie

    Total relaxation can be obtained with the combination of Swedish effleurage strokes, Chinese acupressure and long kneading Balinese movements. It combines the European traditional massage with the best of Asian techniques. The blend of lavender, sweet orange, bergamot, mandarin and geranium oils ensure complete relaxation. This heavenly-soft experience will bring you to a deep level of relaxation and leave your mind and body totally rested.

  • Revitalizing Aromachologie

    Explore the oasis of energy with the invigorating blend of mint, pine and rosemary essential oils. The massage focuses first on the left side of the body, side of the heart and origin of the whole blood flow, it then treats the right hand side to ultimately release energy from all parts of the body. Feelings of fatigue or weakness simply disappear!

  • Deep Tissue Intense Relief Massage

    Deep Tissue Massage focuses on deeper layer of muscle tissues using slower and firmer strokes combines Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi, Acupressure and gentle stretching movements specifically targets the back, shoulders and scruff, meaning the areas that are often most concerned with deep tensions. As a result, tensions and strained muscles are released; your whole body feels refreshed and deeply rebalanced