Your Cut Crease Eye Makeup Look Inspo


If you are a beauty/makeup enthusiast, there’s a 100 per cent chance you have come across the cut crease eye makeup. This makeup technique that has achieved success all over social media and is quite popular with the celebs too. The purpose of cut crease eye makeup is to make your eyes look bigger and brighter by using a lighter eyeshadow all over your eyelid, highlighted by a darker eyeshadow used to define the crease of your eye. Sure, it sounds complicated but that has not stopped people from going ahead and experimenting with this technique. In the simplest form, the cut crease eye makeup look involves two or more contrasting coloured eyeshadows to emphasise the eye shape.

A line is drawn in the eye crease to make separation from the rest of the eyelid more apparent. When done correctly, the cut crease eye makeup makes the eyelids look bigger, more open and large. It is also super stylish. Since this technique lifts the eyes, it is especially suited to people with smaller eyes and hooded lids.

There are many versions of the cut crease eye makeup. It can range from a neutral look with softer, less obvious lines to dramatic look with sharp, bold lines and colours. Either way, it looks gorgeous on eyes of all shapes and sizes.

You’ll be tempted to try it yourself once you see how beautiful the cut crease eye makeup looks. We have selected some stunning cut crease looks done makeup junkies on Instagram, you can take inspiration from these looks.

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