Workout Beauty: Pre and Post Gym Beauty Tips


Exercise can help us to maintain that gorgeous, healthy glow. When we feel good, the radiance shines through. The only problem is during a gym session is all that seat when it gets mixed with makeup and dirt and can thus end up bing hazardous to our skin. Without taking the necessary precautions before the gym or completing a full cleanse after a workout, the sweat built-up can lead to teenage-style breakouts. So how can you prepare your skin for a gym session?

Pre-gym beauty preparation

Remove makeup fully

Remove makeup fully

Makeup combined with sweat and the oil from your face will result in clogged pores. When exercising, your skin needs to breathe. If your pores are blocked with makeup, oil and sweat, it can lead to small red bumps and spots forming. Don’t forget your hair! During an intense workout, products in your hair can run down your face when wet which can lead to oil build-up too, so make sure to tie your hair back.

anti-redness serum
Reduce redness
A healthy glow is beautiful a bright red face may knock your confidence. If your face is prone to excessive redness and flushing, then prep skin with an anti-redness serum. Serums are great for workouts as they absorb into the skin and don’t run off the face with sweat.

Can’t bear to go bare?
If you feel uncomfortable without any makeup, then focus on your eyes. Use a long-wearing and waterproof kajal eyeliner such as Jet Set Eyes. Couple the eyeliner with the fantastic multitasking conditioning mascara which is waterproof too. This way you can have the confidence of make-up, enhance your eyes and not worry about smudging or panda eyes.

Post-gym beauty tips
wash your face
Get clean

After your workout, first, celebrate your success and then get to work on cleansing your skin. Make sure to remove all the toxins to keep your skin fresh and clean and to make the most of the post-workout glow.

moisturise the skin
Thank your skin with much-needed hydration after a workout. If your skin is particularly red, then search for anti-redness products and moisturisers that are tailored for sensitive skin. Products with white tea and chamomile ingredients will help to calm your skin.

Use 2 in 1 Fixing & Shimmer Powder - Glow to Glamour
Capitalise on your glow
Instead of caking your skin in heavy make-up, focus on lightweight makeup that draws attention to your glow. A lightweight powder that reduces shine but increases luminosity is ideal after a gym session. An excellent product for this is the Cosmopolitan Winner for Best Loose Powder- Glow to Glamour 2 in 1 Shimmer Powder + Fixing Powder, a weightless formulation that provides a flawless finish.



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