WIPEOUT Cleansing Towels: 7 Surprising Must-Know Hacks


During this pandemic, the main aim is to stay clean, practice social distancing and self-isolate. But even with the lockdown in place, in order to lower the spread of coronavirus, there are instances where leaving the house is inevitable like going out for groceries or medicines. Even if you’ve stocked up and don’t need to leave your house, it is still important to sanitize every space. While smaller objects like phones and doorknobs can be easily sanitized with disinfectant wipes or even hand sanitizer, there are other bigger objects that would take hours to clean with a small wipe. Luckily, there is another way to get rid of the germs and sanitize such areas without wasting too much time. A sanitizing or cleansing towel like the WIPEOUT Cleansing Towel not only keeps your entire body clean but can also be used to disinfect larger objects around you.

Here are a few ways you can use WIPEOUT Cleansing Towels to sanitise your surroundings.

1. Substitute For Water

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The main purpose of a cleansing towel is to clean and degerm your body. In order to tackle this summer heat, we all want to jump into the shower twice or thrice a day but since there's a water shortage in the country, it’s not possible to do so. In such situations, WIPEOUT Cleansing Towels can act as a substitute for water, keeping you clean and fresh. Since they don't contain alcohol, unlike most other sanitising products, these towels are perfectly safe to be used on the face. Cleansing wipes are also useful for those who are bedridden due to an injury or are suffering from any illness which restricts them from taking a shower.

2. Sanitize Cars

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If you’ve used your private vehicle for your grocery run, then it’s essential to disinfect your car once you get back. Using WIPEOUT Cleansing Towels to wipe down your interiors and car door handles is a lot easier and less time-consuming.

3. Kitchen Counter

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WIPEOUT Cleansing Towels can even be used to clean your kitchen counter which is covered in food or grease splatters. These towels will even clean up any dried-up particles while eliminating germs and bacteria.

4. Windows

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While you can use sanitizing wipes to clean windows, it will be a bit more time-consuming. Cleansing towels are bigger and do the same job but only faster. They clean fingerprints, smudges, and splatters leaving your windows looking clean, new and germ-free.

5. Pet-Friendly

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WIPEOUT Cleansing Towels do not have bleach in them and can be used to clean your pet accessories. It's infused with natural oils that have degerming properties and safe to use on your pets and to even clean pet carriers and harnesses.

6. Toys

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While you’re sanitizing your house during this coronavirus outbreak, it’s also important to sanitize your kid’s toys as well. Germs can settle on any object and are easily transferable. So, make sure you wipe down and disinfect the toys regularly with WIPEOUT Cleansing Towels in order to keep your child safe. 

7. Makeup Box

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You can sanitize your makeup kit, products, tools, and bags with WIPEOUT Cleansing Towels as well. Frequently used products have plenty of germs and bacteria on them and your makeup bag isn’t excluded from this. Use cleansing towels to wipe your brushes, pouches, bottles, palettes, etc. and eliminate any germs and bacteria. 

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