Winter Hair Care Routine: The Only Winter Hair Care Routine You Need To Follow For Long, Luscious Locks


Winter is just around the corner –– which means warm and snuggly sweaters to combat the dry and cold weather. But what extra steps are you taking to protect your lovely locks? The chill in the air can actually be rather detrimental to your hair. Just like your skin, most of the time, winter can also dry out your hair and scalp. The result? Hair that’s more prone to damage and breakage. Low temperatures can often lead to brittle hair, which eventually makes your once-healthy mane look unruly and unmanageable. So just like you would tweak your skincare routine and load it with moisturiser, you need to tweak your winter hair care routine too. Dive into those haircare products and follow this winter hair care routine.


Winter Hair Care Routine


Your hair requires you to show it a lot of love and some extra care during the winters. The extreme changes in temperature (from cold to warm) damage the hair follicles and shafts –– making your locks way more unmanageable than ever. This means if you scroll down to see how to protect your hair with this winter hair care routine.


Step 1 - Oil Massage


Winter is when your scalp loses its natural oils and causes it to be dry. Nourish your scalp by massaging it with some hair oil. Go for oils like coconut, almond or onion oil to ensure that you’re getting maximum nutrients from your scalp. Steam your scalp with a steamer or a hot towel. This is the first step in the winter hair care routine.


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Step 2 - Shampoo


Shampooing your hair and scalp is important, however, during winters it’s best to use less shampoo when doing so. Don’t lather rinse repeat –– once is enough to remove dirt and debris from the scalp.


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Step 3 - Conditioner


This step in the winter hair care routine is very essential. Make sure to condition the lengths of your hair. The cold causes your hair to dry out –– this means it needs to be hydrated and moisturised to prevent breakage and damage. And conditioner is the way to do it.


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Step 4 - Hair Mask


Deep condition your hair with a hair mask. This is different from a usual conditioner and adds an extra layer of moisture to your hair. It’s great for giving your locks that extra boost of moisture it requires, especially during the cold months.


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Step 5 - Hair Serum


Whether or not you’re using heated tools to style your hair, you require a hair serum to protect it. A hair serum provides a thick coat to your hair cuticle and protects it from any external damage, including cold, dry weather. A bonus is that if your hair has already faced any damage, hair serum will help restore it to its original, healthy self. This is one of the most effective tips in the winter hair care routine!


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Step 6 - Wear A Scarf Or Hat


Stepping out? Do not let the weather ruin your entire winter hair care routine. Make sure you cover up with a scarf or a hat to protect your hair and prevent damage due to the cold weather.


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Step 8: Go For Regular Hair Trims

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Pollution and dry & cold hair causes a lot of split ends and hair breakage. To prevent this, hair trimming is another tip in the winter hair routine. This will lead to good hair growth and leave your hair fresh looking.

Step 9: Take Proper Diet

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One of the best tips for a hair care routine in winter is to take a proper diet. All you have to do is to intake vitamin-rich foods like pumpkin, berries, carrots, etc. Then follow a balanced diet of vegetables, leafy greens, and dairy products to keep the hair healthy.

Step 10: Don’t Step Out With Wet Hair

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It’s one of the best hair care routine in winter tip. If your hair gets exposed to cold hair outside, it becomes more prone to hair breakage and colour fading. So let your hair dry by giving it extra time!


Does hair grow thicker in winter?

No, hair does not grow thicker in winter.


Should I cut my hair for winter? 

Hair trimming is very important irrespective of any weather.


Can onion juice be used in the winter season?

Yes, you can use onion juice in the winter season. Mix it with some honey and it will act as an excellent remedy for reducing hair fall in winters.


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During winter your hair needs a whole lot of nourishment, hydration, and of course love. Handle your hair with care and follow this winter hair care routine that’ll make your locks soft, smooth, and super manageable.

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