Will Short Hair Suit You?

Here’s how you can know for sure. Read on, it’s the kind of math you’ll like.

As trendy as they may be, going in for a short crop is a gutsy decision. The big question: How do you know whether it will look good on you?

Until now, there’s never been a definite answer to that question.

John Frieda, the British celebrity hairstylist and product innovator (and tress messiah) has come up with a formula that definitively tells you if you should go chop, chop, chop or keep your hair long.

The magic number is 2.25 inches.

Let’s try this right now. Grab a pencil and a ruler. Place the pencil under your chin, horizontally, and the ruler under your ear, vertically.



If the point where the pencil and the ruler meet is less than 2.25 inches, go short, fearlessly. You will rock the bob, all kinds of short crops, and even the pixie. If the measurement is more than 2.25 inches, stay away from the scissors. Long hair will look most flattering on you.



On Sonakshi Sinha’s heart-shaped face, short-hair works but for Katrina Kaif’s long face structure, long hair is a better match.



A photo posted by Katrina Kaif (@katrinakaif_official) on

It’s not a hard and fast rule though. On certain faces, like Anne Hathway and Sandra Bullock, short and long lengths look equally attractive.

Beautiful Photographed by Jem Mitchell for Glamour UK October 2015 #annehathaway

A photo posted by Anne Hathaway (@annehathawaydaily2) on


Gorgeous #annehathaway

A photo posted by Anne Hathaway (@annehathawaydaily2) on

All we are trying to say is fundamentals are important but so is having some fun. If you really want to get that short cut even though the number for you is more than 2.25 inches, go ahead!


That’s the great thing about experimenting with hair. It grows back!

When you decide you want to get that trend-setting short crop, give us a call on 1 800 3000 4526 and a MyGlamm expert hairstyle will come over.


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