It’s not the first time we’re seeing red (all puns intended) on the red carpet, but this is the first time we’re seeing red eye makeup that’s wearable off the red carpet too.

On Kristen Stewart at Cannes 2016, her smoky rouge eyes contrasted with blonde hair made for an angsty, modern goth picture.

Lupita Nyongo’s red eye take at SXSW was a graphic, almost literal, representation of her role in Us.

Most recently we saw Katrina Kaif at the GQ Awards in a sultry maroon smoky eye, courtesy MyGlamm’s Global makeup Director, Daniel Bauer. Surprisingly avant-garde for the actress whose go-to styles are softly defined eyes and nude lips.  

“For Katrina’s GQ appearance, I wanted a really specific maroon smoky eye. I had a shade in my mind, but which didn’t exist in my makeup case,” he explains. Creating that specific maroon wasn’t a straightforward process for Bauer. “Necessity is the mother of all inventions. And in the makeup world, what you don’t have, you make. There are no rules in makeup, what works, works,” he says of his improvisation, “I took four products to create the eyes, a red lipstick, a maroon lipstick pencil, a dark blush, and a brown eye shadow.”

He first used the lipstick pencil as a kajal to create a smudged liner effect along the water line. “And then [I] started to build my smoky eyes using the blush and lipstick,” he adds, “using the brown eyeshadow to create the depth I needed.”

To truly let the eyes have their moment, Bauer gave Kaif’s base make-up a “very underground urban vibe”, accentuating it with a dark blush and contour. “This is a red carpet look without the red carpet. This is cool, young and packs a killer punch, a nice punch. There are no rules in makeup, have fun breaking them all. I do all the time!” he signs off.



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