What Is myglammCOMMUNITY & Why Should You Join It?


Who do you go to for the right beauty advice these days? You could ask your mother, friends, or even search through beauty magazines but they won’t have all the answers, and can you really trust beauty bloggers and the products they’re endorsing? Well, if you’re looking for genuine, unbiased beauty advice and a one-stop destination for beauty lovers everywhere then, we’ve got just the thing. ENTER: myglammCOMMUNITY, an online group where beauty seekers can learn more about makeup and skin care as well as exchange information directly with each other. It's more than just an online group, it’s a virtual family.

Why join myglammCOMMUNITY?

myglammCOMMUNITY is a virtual community where beauty enthusiasts from all over can come together and talk about MyGlamm products, post their makeup masterpieces, get beauty advice, share tips & tricks, and even participate in our daily contests! Through this community, you as a user can engage, create, and inspire others, making it a unique experience for everyone. 

- Post & Share: myglammCOMMUNITY is a place where you can show off your makeup skills by posting your drop-dead-gorgeous makeup looks and even share your tips with others on how they can achieve the same. 

- Tag friends: Get your friends to join in on the fun as well. myglammCOMMUNITY is all about creating a virtual space for like-minded beauty lovers.

- Contests: You can stand a chance to win free MyGlamm products every day by participating in our fun, daily community contest.

- Star of the month: We love to reward our loyal fans. So, every month we thank the biggest myglammCOMMUNITY contributor by giving her a special gift hamper filled with MyGlamm goodies.

But that’s not all, myglammCOMMUNITY gives us (the brand), a chance to hear directly from you (the customer) and take into account your feedback and thoughts; This will help us cater to your beauty needs much better in the future. 

How To Join?

This is not a secret club and you don’t need a special invite to be part of this community. All you need is a passion for makeup … and a smartphone! To join this glamorous group, here's what you have to do: 

#1: Download the MyGlamm App

#2: Click on the myglammCOMMUNITY banner

#3: Start your beauty journey.

So, whether you’re a beauty fanatic or just starting your makeup journey, myglammCOMMUNITY is the place to be.

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