What Eyeliner Do You Need?


Have you got an eyeliner in your makeup kit? Most of us do, but do we have the right eyeliner to suit our makeup needs? When it comes to eyeliner, there is a lot to consider, before you even start choosing colours. The classic black kajal eyeliner is no more. Instead, you need to find the perfect black eyeliner that can help to achieve the look you what with minimum effort.

So, what is your go-to makeup look and is your eyeliner right for you?


Liquid eyeliner

Shaped like a pen, liquid eyeliner is sharp, precise and defined. Using the sharp tip of liquid eyeliner, you can create really thin, precise lines. It is ideal for giving more depth and colour to the lash line. It is also perfect for creative looks, providing you have a steady hand.

Great for:  Details, shaping, definition, build up and subtlety. Also, great for deep, dramatic impact if you are brave! 
Not for: For people looking to fill in large areas (the tip is too sharp for colour blocking) or casual kohl looks. Liquid eyeliner is precise and dramatic.

Kohl pencil

Ideal for a smokey eye look, a kohl pencil glides on smoothly and is perfect for smudging and creating natural definition. A pencil is a great way to build up dark coverage gently, so it is excellent for people who do not want to brave a dramatic look in an instant.

Great as: Everyday eyeliner and getting eyeliner as close to your eye as possible without putting ink in your eye. Perfect for smoky, smudged lines and an effortless look.
Not for: Those who do not have a sharpener to hand, the point wears down quickly meaning your lines will not be precise.

wheelie eyeliner
Wheelie eyeliner

For eye art, the wheelie is a must-have. Equipped with a roller disc, like a pizza cutter, the wheelie can glide on in one smooth motion to create thin, precise lines. With intense colour and the precision of the tip, the wheelie is a fool proof eyeliner that is ideal for those who want to experiment with eye art.

Great for: Being creative, trying out flicks, wings and strokes. It is great for continuous lines too.
Not for: Subtle, casual eyeliner or getting close to the waterline of the eyeball.


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