What Does Your Lipstick Colour Say About You?


Let’s face it, lipsticks are more than just another product in your beauty bag. It not only brings out your inner confidence but also leaves you feeling glamorous. Aside from making you look and feel good, it can also reveal your personality! 

Even though you may be the proud owner of many shades, your go-to colour, the one you can’t do without, can speak volumes about your true self.
This is what your most loved lipstick shade has to say about you.

Bright Pink

You prove that this shade is a timeless classic and not only for the '80s. You have a fun, bubbly personality and when your friends or family need cheering up, you are the first person they call. You don't need caffeine and sugar to boost your mood since you're are always high on energy.
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LIT CREAMY MATTE LIPSTICK- Rossini is the best match for your bubbly personality.


Fashion-forward, spontaneous and not afraid to speak your mind- did we get this right? You’re a fashionista in training and with the amount of fashion advice you give, it’s left you wondering if you should change your career and become a stylist or a fashion blogger (if you aren’t already)! You’re a risk-taker and change doesn’t scare you!

LIT CREAMY MATTE LIPSTICK- Sangria. If this is your favourite shade, then you’ve got something in common with beauty blogger Riya Jain.


Contrary to popular belief, red is not associated only with seduction, but you already know this! You’re someone who exudes confidence and love being the centre of attention. Your choice of lipstick shade also proves that you’re extremely ambitious and this drive is going to take you places.

LIT CREAMY MATTE LIPSTICK- Bloody Mary screams out bold, confident and IDGAF attitude which is perfect for you.

Soft Pink

Even though you’re a child at heart, you are in no way immature. You’re organized, patient and a good mediator. Because of your calm demeanour and empathetic nature, your friends and family prefer confiding in you during any crisis.

LIT CREAMY MATTE LIPSTICK- Tequila Sunrise or Pink Daiquiri. These shades are perfect for the boardroom and the dance floor. 


Shy but not quiet! You don’t say much when you’re around new people but the ones who do know you, consider you to be a warm-hearted and caring person. You value every relationship and people close to you can always count on you to have their backs.

LIT CREAMY MATTE LIPSTICK-Bellini. Show the world your affectionate side with this shade.  


Clearly, by your lipstick choice, you are someone who loves to experiment. Going with the flow has never been your thing and you aren't someone who can stay quiet for too long. You are fashion-forward and don’t shy away from the spotlight. Not everyone can pull off this shade and you pride yourself on your unique sense of style. 
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LIT CREAMY MATTE LIPSTICK-Mimosa is the head-turning shade you need to try!


You’re the true femme fatale. You never shy away from a challenge and are extremely driven and independent. Amongst your friends, you are known as the adventure seeker and playing it safe is never an option for you.

LIT CREAMY MATTE LIPSTICK-Old Fashion. Show the world that you depend on no-one but yourself with this shade.


You are certainly not a wallflower. You aren’t afraid to be heard and love some good gossip. When given a certain task you give it your all because doing things halfway isn’t appealing for you.
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LIT CREAMY MATTE LIPSTICK- Purple Martini. Stay true to your unapologetic self with this shade.

If your go-to to shade is nude then you're known for your warm and caring nature. Choosing this au-naturel shade also reveals that you're super confident and definitely don't need anyone's validation to know your worth.
LIT CREAMY MATTE LIPSTICK - Manhattan shows the world your confidence is contagious and that you're unstoppable! 

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