What Does Efficacy Mean In Skin Care?


When it comes to beauty and skin care there are plenty of words thrown around that may leave you a bit confused. With consumers becoming more and more conscious of product ingredients, one word that has gained popularity is ‘Efficacy’. It’s been used a lot in the past few years but not many people know what it really means! Well, our new ELEVATE Ayurveda line has a high-efficacy formula and we’re here to help you wrap your head around this term.

What is Efficacy Testing?

It’s no surprise that skin care products go through plenty of tests before being released into the market. It’s these tests that quantitatively determine how effective the ingredients are, so all the product claims that appear on the labels, packaging, advertisements, companies’ websites and social media are supported by research and evidence.

Skin Care Efficacy

Google defines the term Efficacy as the product’s ability to produce a desired or intended result so, in other words, it tells us about the effectiveness of a product to perform a function it’s intended to do. When it comes to skin care, it’s all about choosing the right products, with the right ingredients to treat specific skin issues or to provide a therapeutic effect on the skin when it comes to dealing with inflammation, redness, scars, wrinkles etc. When a product has a combination of ingredients that ensures maximum efficacy, you can say goodbye to your skin concerns. Efficacy means that the product has been tested and it provides the desired results.

Our skin is the most complex structure in our entire body as it is immunologically and metabolically active so, one product can’t solve all your skin problems. Here’s where product efficacy comes into the picture. When we talk about product efficacy, it is all about having products with specific ingredients that can penetrate deep into the skin to work its magic and stay true to its claims by giving you the desired results. 

When it comes to ELEVATE Ayurveda, the products are designed with 70% aloe vera along with the other necessary ingredients so that it seeps deep into the skin to ensure maximum efficacy and give you the results you want.

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