Washing Your Hair In The Right Way, Are You?

Ever thought of how you wash your hair? Everyone has a different way to deal with their locks but maybe your way of washing is doing more damage to your mane than good. Most of us have been using the same techniques to rinse our tresses, without knowing if we are doing it right. We put together a cheat sheet so that you know the right way to wash your hair and the following steps will help you with not just the correct techniques but also in getting a healthier mane.

1. De-tangle Your Hair Before Showering: Use a brush or wide-toothed comb on your hair to detangle the knots before heading for a shower. This will help you with circulation in your scalp as well as lower the breakage while conditioning.

De-tangle Your Hair Before Showering


2. Rinse Hair With Warm Water: You will begin with getting your hair wet before shampooing, right? Rinse your hair with warm water as it will help clean out the dirt and product in your hair that has been accumulated since the last time you washed them.

Rinse Hair With Warm Water


3. Be Gentle While Shampooing Your Hair: When you’re shampooing your hair, ensure that you are gentle, avoid scrubbing your hair and massaging your scalp in tight circular motions. This will help you prevent damage and breakage of hair cuticles.

Shampooing Your Hair


4. Condition First, Shampoo Later: This is the best advice for all those with long hair. Use the conditioner first to work up the lather, concentrating mostly from the mid length to the ends. Let the conditioner sit for a few minutes before you rinse your hair thoroughly. Next step should be to shampoo your hair. Once you know the conditioning has been done, you will concentrate on the roots and not on the tips. Lather and rinse with cold water. Always end your hair wash by rinsing hair with cold water. Shampooing later will help you clean and rinse most of the excess conditioner away, thus leaving your hair lighter and with more volume.

Condition First, Shampoo Later


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