Want To Channel Your Inner Unicorn? This Makeup Product Is All You Need


Want to shine bright like a diamond but not sure what makeup product to use? Well, Magic Potion is MyGlamm's latest makeup addition and it's worth all your attention! This newly released beauty product is a highlighter that can be used anywhere on your body. It's a makeup product that will give you a whimsical glow you won’t find anywhere else- now who doesn't want that! After all, unicorn makeup is currently taking the beauty world by storm.

Still, need a reason to buy this makeup product? Well, we’ve got 7. After reading this, you’ll definitely want to get one ASAP! 

Reason #1

Don't worry about this makeup product not suiting your skin tone. Magic Potion is a sheer pearlescent bi-phase liquid, that gives a gorgeous shimmer regardless of your skin colour.

Reason #2

You get an out-of-this-world galactic glow wherever you go with this unicorn-inspired makeup product.

Reason #3

With its pearlescent illuminating sparkles, even unicorns won't have anything on you. 

Reason #4

The roll-on applicator is super smooth and easy to use anywhere on your body. Take that glow wherever you go with this makeup product.

Reason #5

If looking mythical is what you want, then this beauty product is what you need.


Reason #6

This makeup product comes in a water-based formula that will leave you feeling fresh even during our hot Indian summer.

Reason #7

Lastly, because it looks magical AF! 

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Add a little magic into your life with this makeup product.

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