The History of Red Lip Makeup


Let’s review. We’ve walked you through an effortless lip care routine, making it so simple to achieve that perfectly plump, voluptuous look. Job done. And, just last week, you scrolled through a sensuous showcase of queens who love to rock red lip makeup, all the way from Beyoncé to Bhatt.

Surely you’re feeling inspired? You’re ready to make a statement and brave those bold red lipstick tones, be it for the most romantic date, bestie's wedding, when planning to make your ex jealous or even for that job interview. No other lip colour does the trick quite like a gorgeous red lipstick- it's versatile and statement-making.

Of course, MyGlamm has some alluring products to make your pucker pop – but have you ever wondered how this iconic red lip makeup trend came about?

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A quick history of red lip makeup

While we’ve seen many of our favourite celebs work red lip makeup in all its glam glory, its history isn’t quite so glitzy. In fact, while you may look killer when you wear your red lipstick, once upon a time this makeup trend could actually see you dead.

Yes, way back when it was first created, approximately 2500 BC, red lipstick was concocted from a fatal cocktail of toxic ingredients including bromine mannite and iodine. The product was so notorious, legend has it that the phrase ‘kiss of death’ was coined as a consequence. And that glossy finish? Well, our Ancient Egyptian ancestors, male and female alike, had fish scales to thank for that. Lovely.

Leaping into the medieval period, wearing red lipstick - and makeup in general - was frowned upon. Its use was seen as a devious act against religion. Yet, it was worn to distinguish between the social classes with red tones symbolising rebellion and uprising of the inferior.

Throughout the 1700s and 1800s, despite female royalty across Europe donning red lipstick, the use of this lip makeup was condemned in many countries. Applying red lipstick quickly fell out of fashion. The red lip makeup was associated with seductresses, mysterious women who couldn’t be trusted, and as such, it was feared by men.

It was only in the 1900s that the red lip makeup came into vogue as a statement of liberation, femininity, and independence. Bright red matte lipstick and plump lips represented frivolity in times of hardship and disillusion in the 1920s to 1940s.

Today, enriched with culture and connotations of female power throughout history, red lipstick represents women’s freedom and expression of individuality. The perfect shade can achieve a chic, glam, sultry look, favoured by women across the globe.

Red Lip Makeup from MyGlamm

Get red lip ready and choose from an array of tantalising red lipsticks, from matte and hi-shine. They will do the trick quite nicely:

1.Perfect Curves Chubby Matte Lipstick in Soleil
2.Butterlicious Shea Butter Creamy Matte Lipstick in High Voltage
3.Perfect Curves Chubby Matte Lipstick in Siren

4.K.Play Flavoured Lipstick - Cherry Burst
5. LIT Creamy Matte Lipstick - Bloody Mary

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