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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and if you were thinking about getting your partner flowers, stuffed animals, balloons or even chocolates, think again. These gifts are so outdated and let’s face it, not so great! But don’t worry, we’re here to save the day and help you get her a Valentine’s Day gift for her that’s way better.

Before you stress out, think about it! What’s that one thing your girlfriend really really loves? (Keep in mind that 'YOU' is not the answer to this question). Still, confused? Well, we’re talking about makeup or anything related to the beauty universe. Lipsticks, blushes, highlighters - the options are endless and if you’re confused about which product to get her, well, you can always gift her one of each. Trust us, she’s going to love it. Our valentine's day ideas for her won’t only put a smile on her face but will also help you score some major brownie points. 

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her

Valentine’s day is a few days away and we can’t stay calm about it! And because the day is so special, you’ve gotta surprise your bae with our list of the best valentine's day gift ideas for her. Surprising her with her favourite bouquet of flowers or chocolates will make her happy, but what will make her even happier are some unique gifts, even better if they are makeup gifts. No matter what you want to do for her, it should make her feel pampered and special. So, don't you fret now! We have got that sorted for you with our list of best Valentine's day gift ideas for her!

Valentine's Day Gift #1

Holographic Highlighter

Holographic and pearlescent highlighters are the newest trend in the makeup world and probably one of the most amazing and best valentines gifts for her. From incorporating them into wedding makeup looks to sporting them at music festivals to even using them to create the ultimate night out look - holographic highlighters are loved by all because you can wear them just about anywhere, for any occasion and get that whimsical glow. So it’s no surprise that girls want to get their hands on a makeup product that adds a magical touch to their look. This Valentine's Day, make her unicorn dreams come true with this Valentine's Day gift.

Valentine's Day Gift #2

Shimmer Eyeliner + Eyeshadow

Everyone knows the purpose of eyeliners and chances are your girlfriend might already have one in her makeup bag. So why should you bring another? Well, you can surprise her with a shimmery eyeliner and watch her eyes light up instantly. Eyeliners are one of the most promising valentine's day gift ideas for her. It’s the most basic makeup product in any girl’s makeup bag. Whether she prefers wearing heavy makeup or likes the minimalistic look, a shimmery black eyeliner will be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. While you’re at it, an eyeshadow palette will help take her eye makeup game to the next level. So throw in an eyeshadow palette and watch her shine bright like the star she is with this Valentine’s Day gift.

Valentine's Day Gift #3


There is no such thing as too many lipsticks. If you're not sure which makeup product your girl would like, you can play it safe and get her lipsticks. Pick shades you’d know she’ll be comfortable wearing. For example, if she’s someone who takes risks you can always go for bold, bright shades and if she loves subtle makeup looks, you can go for pinks and nudes. But that’s not all, you even get fruit flavoured lipsticks, so a lipstick combined with her favourite fruit flavour will totally make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

Valentine's Day Gift #4


Those rosy pink cheeks are not always from seeing you (no offence). Blush is one of the most beautiful valentine's day gift ideas for her and in fact every girl’s go-to makeup product when they want to add a little colour to their cheeks and get a rosy glow. If she’s someone who loves the camera and loves taking selfies, then an HD blush would be an ideal Valentine's Day gift. 

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Valentine's Day Gift #5

Makeup Kit

Makeup kits are one of the most ideal valentine's day gift ideas for her and probably the best way to pamper your girl and make her feel special. Instead of buying separate makeup and beauty items and breaking your bank, a face makeup essentials kit is ideal for her. She can do so much with a makeup kit without any extra hustle and bustle. So, now she doesn’t need to carry a heavy bag to keep her beauty stuff as she would have a small face makeup palette to get ready in a few minutes only, anywhere and everywhere. 


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So, now that you have a list of valentine's day gift ideas for her, hope we’ve made it easier for you than before. Happy Valentine’s day in advance to you and your bae! 


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