Wake & Bake Cause We’re Listing Down All The Different Uses Of Banana Powder

Uses of Banana Powder

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Isn’t the makeup world fascinating? There’s a makeup product to meet your every need, including the different powders. Now, you must remember your grandma vouching for her favourite compact powder, but ever since then the makeup world has given us setting powders, highlighting powders, baking powders, and of course, banana powders. While all of these powders point to one formulation, they actually have a variety of purposes that help you achieve flawless skin. Banana powder is one such product that is actually a multi-tasker. Scroll down to see the uses of banana powder, what it exactly is, and how it differs from the other powders out there.


What Is Banana Powder?


Banana powder is a universally flattering setting powder that has a yellow tint to it. It is a multipurpose powder that helps highlight, bake, and set various areas of your face. They come in loose powder form, which makes the product super lightweight in texture. The finely milled powder allows you to blur away imperfections, control sebum, and give your skin an overall smoother appearance. Banana powder was initially used by makeup artists and professionals to reduce the appearance of fine lines, blot away oil, and help with colour correction. However, nowadays it’s a necessity in everybody’s makeup kit and the uses of banana powder are endless.


So, how does banana powder differ from translucent powder or setting powder. Well translucent powder is colourless, while setting powder just sets the makeup. Banana powder basically combines the two makeup products in a silky yellow powder that sets your makeup, smoothes fine lines, tackles oil, and colour corrects your skin.


How To Use Banana Powder 


This easy-to-use powder sits well on every skin tone out there –– that is why it’s universally loved. Here’s how to use banana powder on your face. 


Step 1 - Set The Base


Prime your skin with a primer and then apply your foundation as you would normally. Now, use a concealer to cover any blemishes and your undereyes. 


Step 2 - Apply The Banana Powder


The primary use of banana powder is to set your makeup in certain areas of your face. While doing so it also gives your skin a bit of its highlight. Use a fluffy face brush and sweep the powder over your skin to set the rest of your makeup. Let it sit on your face for five minutes – then dust it off with a powder brush.


Step 3 - Bake Your Under Eyes 


Use your banana powder to bake the makeup under your eyes. It helps set any makeup present on that area, and also lightens and highlights it too. To do so, apply the powder on your under eyes and let it sit for 5 minutes. After which, you can dust it off your face with a powder brush.


MyGlamm Recommends Best Banana Powder


A banana powder is a necessity in your makeup routine, especially if you deal with oiliness regularly. It is one of the most essential face makeup products as it is multi-functional. If you want to try the Kim K approved trend of baking, scroll down to see the banana powder for you.

MyGlamm Pose HD Banana Powder - Yellow

Wake and bake with this banana powder that’ll give you that celebrity-esque glow. The yellow powder leaves your skin with a translucent soft-matte finish, with a sheer coverage. It balances out your skin tone and gives it an anti-shine effect. The product is long-lasting and lightweight on the skin and helps moisturise it, while providing oil control. It also prevents and repairs any sort of skin damage.

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Talk about an all rounder, banana powder is an essential product you need in your makeup kit –– especially, if you live in hot and humid climates. Giving you a movie star long-lasting glow, the uses of banana powder are pretty cool. Whether you choose to dab it to blot your oil or to blur away any blemishes, banana powder won’t let you down.


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