Types of Split Ends You Need To Know About

Nobody can escape Split Ends. No matter how well you condition the ends of your hair, split ends are inevitable due to the heat tools that damage your hair, constant brushing and frequent colouring. Did you know? There are 6 different types of split ends. Find out below about each different type of split end and its causes:

The Basic Split: Basic split ends are the most common type of split ends. They are a sign of early split development. At this stage, your hair needs more nourishment to remain healthy and shining. Try a hair treatment that helps seal and heal your ends.

The Basic Split


The Mini Split: Just like the basic split, mini split is also very common and an example of early split development. Your hair ends are dry but not beyond repair. So heal the split ends before it is too late.

Mini Split


Fork in the Road: This type of split end is slightly less common than the basic and mini split ends. The fork in the road is a kind of split end that shows more widespread damage and more significant splitting. In this case, your hair could use more deep conditioning mask treatments as well as increase the number of trims in a year.

Fork in the Road


The Tree: This type of split end occurs to one side of the hair fiber than the other and as a result several branches of cortical cells are beginning to separate. In this case, book a haircut appointment RIGHT NOW. Hence forth, use products that protect your hair from excessive weathering.

The Tree


The Candle: When you reach this stage, you need to get a trim as soon as possible to treat your split ends. Apply a nourishing essential oil to do some pre-damage control.

The Candle


The Knot: This type of split end mainly occurs in curly hair, where the curl tangles and causes its own knot. It will cause the hair to break at that spot from brushing. All those with curly hair need to take extra care of their hair while brushing so as to not cause breakage.

The Knot


What do you do to get rid of split ends? Tell us in the comments below.



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