Two Of Your Kind Nude And Glitter Nail Enamel Duo


If you like to keep ‘em nails on fleek all the time, and that "just-stepped-out-of-the-salon" manicured nails are your thing, then you got to own MyGlamm’s Two Of Your Kind Nail paints. Two Of Your Kind is a combination of two nail polishes that come in a twin set as one product. There are various combinations of two unique colours that are pre-set by us to give you the best of both worlds in one product. Dress your nails in the trendiest shades on the go, which are for every mood and all kinds of occasions. These ultra-shiny, nail paints come with a gel-like finish to give you other-worldly shine and finish. These are also chip-resistant and long-lasting by nature and coat your nails with playful colours giving them a vibrant and elegant look.

Two of Your Kind Nude & Glitter

Nude & Glitter is our latest range in Two of Your Kind series and it’s going to rock your world. Each pair comes with one neutral and one glitter nail paint, which are two of the hottest trends of recent times. Enjoy subtle sophistication with our nude nail polishes that come in 6 flattering shades to complement all kinds of skin tones. These are all paired up with sparkling glitter nail paints to jazz up your look in a blink.

Nudes have been a rage for quite some time now; we are talking about clothing and makeup. Just like nude lipsticks and tank tops work for a wide variety of skin tones, nude nail paints complete just about any look with their trendy appeal. The Two Of Your Kind neutral shades can be mixed and match with a number of outfits and looks, be it for office, brunch, evening soirees or even dates. The glitter on the other hand, makes any manicure pop. From glitter lips to nails, everyone is loving them. If you want to elevate your look, just glitter it up. From rich gold to subtle rose gold, brilliant silver and chunky metallic, we got it all. Wear them alone on the nails or team with the nudes and let your royalty shine through. Just a dash of glitter on your regular nail paint can do wonders for your digits.

All our 6 pairs have funky names to take you from day to night:

 I woke up like this = Weekday + All Nighter

Bringing down the house = 24/7+ Sundowner

Good girl gone bad = Skinny Dipping + Girl’s Night Out

Rumour has it = Gossip + Slumber party

Serve it up = Sombre + Saturday Night

Almost there = Workaholic + TGIF

The colours range from neutral and soft shades of pink, to beige and caramel that would makes your nails look longer and totally hot. The glitter is in gold and rose gold colours that have both chunky and fine glitter particles, so you can take your pick. It’s perfect for parties, weddings and any occasion when you would want to sparkle and shine. The Two of Your Kind Nude & Glitter range deserves an extra round of applause for being so awesome (jokes apart), for being what every girl needs. It’s time to add these amazing nail paints to your collection and get the party started.  


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