TurnOnYourEyes with MyGlamm & Lisa Haydon


The #TurnOnYourEyes campaign is an initiative by MyGlamm to empower women across the country against the demeaning and judgemental looks directed their ways. On a daily basis, women across all ages are subjected to troubling behaviour and sexual misconduct in various forms. It can be in the form of physical assault, verbal abuse or as simple as a gaze that makes one feel uncomfortable. Often, we fail to acknowledge that any form of harassment begins with a look, a stare. All those unwanted, unwelcome, leering glances women across all ages bear every day, and have learned to ignore and live with it. It’s time for women to stop ignoring those sinister glances, stare right back and reverse the shame. The #TurnOnYourEyes movement encourages women to break free and dare to stare right back. It’s a message for all women out there to take charge and glare right back at every stare that makes them uncomfortable.

To spread this message, MyGlamm collaborates with Lisa Haydon in support of
all those women who face unwanted stares on a daily basis. We are calling all
women across the country to stand in solidarity with us and endorse the #TurnOnYourEyes cause with MyGlamm and Lisa Haydon. With every unique share of the message, up to INR 1 Crore will be donated to GiveIndia and Magic Bus India Foundation which are non-profit organizations working with for underprivileged girls and women to help them break out of poverty and lead fulfilling, rewarding lives, contributing positively to their community and to the world around them.

The Magic Bus Foundation will utilize the donation to focus on the education and equality of girls in active, everyday life and will work on shifting the young Indian male’s perception and treatment of women. GiveIndia will use the donations towards their campaign to fight Violence Against Women, by channelling the funds to their partner NGOs, who are deeply engaged in supporting women. Also, MyGlamm with donate INR 50 with every purchase of MyGlamm eye product.

MyGlamm is honoured and delighted to be associated with charity partners, The Magic Bus Foundation and GiveIndia to contribute towards the noble cause of empowering women in India. With the help of #TurnOnYourEyes campaign, we aim to raise and donate up to INR 1 Crore and give back to the society by helping young girls and women to lead the dignified life they deserve.


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