Try These 6 New Hairstyles To Give Your Hair A Cool Makeover

Bored of your hair? And don’t want a permanent change? Ditch the haircut and hair colour and try some cool new hairstyles everyday to make your hair look different each time you step out without going for a drastic change. Need some inspiration? Here you go:

1. Half-up Faux Hawk

You are six steps away from an uber chic hairstyle. Easy and perfect for a day outing, agree?

Half-up Faux Hawk


2. Easy Half-up Twist

This hair-do will barely take you a few minutes to nail it but looks oh-so-pretty. Game for trying it out?

Easy Half-up Twist


3. The Half-up Lace Rose

If you step out in this gorgeous hairstyle, you’re sure to make heads turn. Take help of this tutorial and nail it!

The Half-up Lace Rose


4. Messy Bun

Who said messy buns happen by chance? Go through these 8 steps and perfect a messy bun.

Messy Bun


5. Twist Ponytail

The next time you’re stepping out in a stylish gown, wear your hair in a twist ponytail. You can thank us later!

Twist Ponytail


6. Hair Bow

Ditch the hun and go for a prettier hair bow. It’ll look super cute if done in a neat manner.

Hair Bow



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