Tricks To Have Flawless Eyebrows All Day Everyday


I don’t need perfect eyebrows, said no girl ever! Eyebrows can make or break your look, which is why, stepping out with bad or unshaped eyebrows can totally be a turn off. But not to worry, we’ve got you some really cool tricks to let you have a good brows day everyday.

1. Avoid Compact Mirrors: Compact mirrors are a complete no-no if you’re looking for perfecting your eyebrows. When you’re shaping or filling in your brows, you need to stand far away from the mirror. Seeing them from a slight distance could make them look better. That’s why you need a large mirror while working on your brows.



2. Pluck Eyebrows Post Your Makeup Session: Once you’ve applied makeup on your face, then pluck the extra hair from your eyebrows. With this trick, you will be ensured that only the unwanted hair gets plucked and will also prevent you from having any gaps in your eyebrows.



3. Concealer Works Wonders To Tidy Up Your Brows: If you want to give that last touch-up to your brows without messing up your makeup, then apply some concealer under your eyebrows. This will not just sharpen your brows but will also hide excess makeup if any.



4. Hairspray Will Help Settle Your Brow Hair: To get flawless eyebrows, make hairspray your best friend. Yes, spraying some hairspray on your brow brush is as effective as using any gel or eyebrow liner. Run the brush over your eyebrows to keep the hair in place.



5. Forks/Spoons Can Be A Saviour: Getting your eyebrows in perfect shape is certainly not as easy as a breeze. However, here’s a smart trick that you might want to try. Grab a fork or a spoon and use the handle and pongs to create straight lines and for filling your brows.



6. Use Stay Defined Brow Powder To Achieve Perfect Eyebrows: Fill in your eyebrows with the right shade of brow powder. Apply it directly to your eyebrows for gorgeous brows.



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