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Move over strobing and contouring, there’s a new trend to conquer. Draping, the trend in question, is not exactly new by a long shot, but it’s certainly back under the spotlight. Especially after draping was extensively seen on models at the 2018 spring/summer catwalks.

Draping or blush draping is a technique that uses blush (instead of bronzer or a contour cream) to sculpt the facial features. One or more shades of blush can be used to drape the complexion while also giving a rosy colour to it. The result is a soft, defined and healthy look as opposed to contouring which uses a darker shade to chisel the features.

Your cheeks should adorn a soft flush with blush gently kissing the harsh lines to soften the face.

Makeup artists have been using draping since quite some time. The face-flattering was used in the 60’s and 70’s by iconic makeup artist Way Bandy on celebs like Cher, Farrah Fawcett, and Diana Ross, to be more specific.

Elizabeth Taylor back in the days with her perfectly blush-draped cheeks.

With face chiseling on the rise, draping has once again come into the limelight as it involves the much used and simple product, the blusher. The blush is strategically placed on areas of the face to create shadows and colours that enhance facial features. The technique relies on colours rather than traditional contouring and highlighting shades and may require some level of expertise to master.

Blush is used on the cheeks and temples to make it the focal point of the face. Often, the blush also doubles as the eyeshadow, extending past the temples and over the eyelids. Or you can use your rosy eyeshadow as blush. the Manish Malhotra 9 in 1 Eyeshadow palette in Soiree has softer shades like metallic pink, coral and mauve that can be used to add colour to the cheeks.

Crazy Rich Asians actor Constance Wu at the SAG awards getting ready with MUA @patrickta

In a nutshell, draping is basically contouring using blush. Draping your angles using colour gives your face as opposed to a dark contouring product. It’s a softer, fresher approach to the definition. Rather than having a more tanned and highlighted look that contouring is known for, you'll have a flushed but chiseled complexion that the '70s favoured so much.

So, if you are aiming for defined features, give your blush a chance and try the awesome draping technique for a fresher and youthful look. The deep rosy blush in the Chisel It Palette in Game Face is just right for the Indian complexion. Use it for draping and to give your face a soft definition with the blush.

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