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What do you get when you merge two of the season’s biggest makeup trends — glitter & graphic eyeliner? Something that is outrageous and fabulous at the same time. The glitter graphic eye is out there and can change your makeup game if you are willing to try something out of the box. Glitter has been making rounds since 2017 and graphic eyeliner is the haute-st trend seen on the runways of 2019. 

Glitter is the sassiest and quickest way to glam things up. You also get to take your pick from a whole range of colours and textures to complement your style and/or outfit. There’s fine glitter, chunky glitter, pailettes and everything in between. Thinking OTT? Take it a notch higher by adding rhinestones and crystals. Wearing your cat eyeliner with a sprinkling of glitter will never let you go unnoticed.

If you are just starting out, or are looking to tone down the look, wear your cat eyeliner with a dash of glitter on the inner or outer corners of the eye. This will make your eyes pop. It is important to keep the rest of your makeup subtle or minimal as this bold eye look packs a lot of punch.

For graphic cat eyes, liquid eyeliner is a must as it helps you achieve a clean finish and offers the kind of precision required for a graphic liner. Stay Defined is perfect as it is smudge-proof and gives great pay off without fading or flaking. It comes with a special wand that gives you more control and definition. Before drawing on your liner, apply primer to create a smooth base. Once you have traced the design, you can use the Jet Set Eyes Kajal-Eyeliner to fill in and create a darker and opaque look. For those with unsteady hands, who have a tough time drawing a straight line with their eyeliner, we would totally recommend the Wheelie Precision Eyeliner & Stylist. It has a rolling disc applicator that gives a straight line in one smooth stroke. 

You can use loose glitter or foil eyeshadows to get the sparkling effect. The Manish Malhotra eyeshadow collection has foil eyeshadows that are high on shine with a plush texture and can be used wet or dry to control the intensity. Try the gold foil from the Rendezvous palette or the copper foil from the Soiree palette, the two hottest colours for the Indian skin tone.

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This season, get ready to turn heads with the graphic-glitter eye. Here is some instant inspiration for you:

 A sexy reverse cat eye with a bit of gold, a fusion of contemporary with retro glam:

Silver metal eyes to rock that party:

Colour outside the lines with this modern eye art:

The perfect cut-crease achieved with gold glitter:

Sail away with floating eyeliner and chunky glitter:

Love the beautiful detailing with crystals around the eye and on the brows: