Seeing Red: This New Eyeliner Trend Is Just What We Need In 2021


It’s 2020 and the classic black eyeliner trend has become basic. Now it’s all about adding colours to your eyelids and lash line to really get that stand out, mesmerizing look. For those who aren’t into experimenting but still want to look edgy or try something new, then we suggest starting with your eyes. A new trend is brewing in the eye world, and we’re absolutely all for it. But we’re not referring to just any colour -- the new colour to create those mesmerizing eyes is red.

Yup, you read that right, red eyeliner! This hue is the epitome of bold and it even has its own share of variations, just like any other eyeliner colour out there. Scroll down to find out how you can embrace this trend.

The Red Graphic Cat Eye

The white graphic cat-eye took over 2020 with many showing it off on social media but in the new year, we predict that red is going to be the new white. Mixing in a bit of black and red is a great way to embrace this bold style without looking too dramatic.

Red Undereye

If you want to take things up a notch, adding a bold swipe of red under your eyes is a great way to get everyone’s attention while not looking too dramatic. It’s chic and stylish and when paired with a softer hue, can make you look fresh and alive.

Cranberry Cat-Eye

The bold red hue is a bit too much for you? Then you can’t go wrong with a cranberry red shade. This is elegant and perfect for the winter season. Instead of using your regular black eyeliner to draw on the flicks, opt for a cranberry shade to make your eyes the focus of attention even with a face mask on. If you don’t have this eyeliner shade, you can also use your eyeshadow to create this look.

Red Metallic Shadow

For those who are all for edgy and dramatic, this next look is just for you. Coat your eyelids with a shimmery wine shade to really get into that party spirit. Since face masks aren’t going anywhere and given the current situation, we might just have to go back to virtual parties -- in such cases, this eye look will definitely stand out.

Subtle Scarlet

Another red eyeshadow look, this one is subtle but yet bold. You can use this subtle hue to create a sheer watercolour finish on the eyes. Add the shade on the top and bottom lash line and blend the shadow all the way up into the crease in a light motion to achieve a softer look.

Red Patterns

For those who aren’t very confident with rocking this look, you can start small by using this colour to create little accents around the eyes. Just adding this colour on the inner corners and towards the outer corners is enough for you to create a statement-making look.

Go on and paint the town red with these looks.

Featured Image: Instagram