The Future Of Beauty: Digital Lipsticks That Change Colour And Texture Via Voice Command!


When beauty fuses with technology, expect to be mind blown! In the past, we've heard about perfume capsules where one swallows a cosmetic pill, and through perspiration, a unique scent is emitted. While that futuristic concept sounds revolutionary, it is still in a work-in-progress phase. If you thought perfume capsules were cool, wait till you hear about digital lipsticks! 

We May Have Digital Lipsticks With Us Very Soon!

Recently, a branding agency called 1HQ predicted the coming of a smart and reusable lipstick named Moi. The agency stated that if this digital lipstick becomes a reality, it could encourage the global beauty industry to take the sustainable route. Via voice command, this lipstick will allow its wearer to create and choose their own lipstick shades, patterns and gradients. You have to see it to believe it!

digital lipstick applicator close up shot

digital lipstick applicator product

digital lipstick applicator swatch

The Moi digital lipstick applicator is unlike anything you've seen before, right? Apparently, this product will not only do the job of painting one's pout but will also work as a lip exfoliator and a primer. You will also be able to switch lipstick textures on this device! Matte, glossy or satin - your wish is its command. 

According to 1HQ's blog, this lipstick applicator will be an interactive device. To switch it, all one needs to do take off the cap. To turn it off, put the cap back on. Using inkjet printing technology and piezoelectric 'Drop on demand' technology, this lipstick applicator will release colour through its tiny nozzles at the lipstick's tip. The results are similar to lip blushing, but the cool part is that one doesn't have to stick to one colour. They can experiment with various lipstick shades and textures.

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What's In It For Mother Nature?

Most lipstick applicators today are made from plastic and are not easily recyclable or biodegradable. With the launch of the digital lipstick, one would not require to use multiple lipstick products as the digital lipstick will be able to do the job of three products - lipstick, lip primer and lip scrub. If you need a refill, you will need to visit an autonomous ink filling station. 

If this digital lipstick does come into existence, it will be looked at as an investment. It's not yet confirmed whether this product will need electricity to work or will it run on batteries. Just like the perfume capsules, it's still in a work-in-progress stage. There is no mention of the launch date either. However, when it does come into the market, expect it to change the world of beauty forever. 

Featured Image: 1HQ