Sonakshi Sinha's 'No Makeup Look' Is Perfect For The Lazy Days Ahead


Shotgun Junior aka Sonakshi Sinha's beauty game has changed tremendously over the years. If you remember her post-Dabangg days, then you know that the starlet was once a huge fan of loud makeup and coloured mane. But over the years, Sonakshi prefers maintaining a low profile when it comes to her beauty game oh boy, we sure can take some notes.

Credits: Instagram

Oh my, oh my! Would you look at those brows? It's like Jesus took a day off to personally carve them. And if you too wish to know how you can pull off this no makeup Glamm look like Sonakshi, then keep on reading!

How To Perfect That No Makeup, Makeup Look

Credits: Instagram

Unless you don't see any dark circles or even some texture on a celeb's skin, do not get fooled by their *no makeup* look because they are wearing some! And if you wish to nail the effortless makeup look that makes you look like you have airbrushed skin, then keep on reading.

Base-cially, No Makeup?

Don't you just love Sonakshi's skin here?!

Applying foundation is the easiest way to put a #FauxFilter on your face; have even skin tone and visibly no signs of skin woes. But if you really want that no-makeup look, replace your go-to foundation with a CC cream or better yet, a tinted moisturizer or a skin tint.

Next, do a light contour using a cream contour as it'll blend beautifully into the skin and won't stand out and will give you 'natural' cheekbones within a matter of minutes.

And if you don't mind adding a flush of colour to your cheeks, then use a peachy or a terracotta blush.

Eye Love My Brows

We are in love with Sonakshi's brows here. I mean they are just perfect!

To define your brows like her, use a brow product on your brows to give them an HD effect but do not draw around them as you'd want them to look natural yet stand out. And if you do not have a brow product, using a brow gel always works.

What's That Lip?

Sonakshi's nude lipstick looks soo good. It looks as if she's not wearing any lipstick but she definitely is. And if you have found your signature nude lipstick, then it's the perfect look to pair it with. And you're done.

The fact that we need some makeup to pull off the *no makeup* makeup look is always so hilarious, don't you think?

Featured Image: Instagram