Should You Change Your Skincare Routine Because Of The Pandemic? Here's What Experts Say


Coronavirus has been around for almost a year now, and with every passing day, we’re discovering new information about it. Be it makeup or skincare companies, the beauty industry as a whole is striving to adapt to these new changes so that businesses remain afloat during the pandemic. 

While Coronvarious is a respiratory disease, many who have tested positive for it have been experiencing skincare rashes and hair fall too. Those who have been wearing face masks on the daily to protect themselves against the virus are also complaining about dry skin and itchiness caused due to friction. Whether one needs to tweak their skincare routine to adapt to face masks or not, we’ve got Dermatologist & Skin Specialist,  Dr. Soma Sarkar to answer that one for us. 

Should You Change Your Skincare Routine For Covid-19 Masks?

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According to Dr Soma Sarkar, during the pandemic, because we need to wear face masks at all times, there have been patients facing skin issues like acne, friction dermatitis, and dry skin.

Dr. Soma reminds us that following a well-thought-out skincare regime is essential to follow even if we are sitting at home and social distancing. The skin care routine should also be tweaked a bit if dealing with a cleanser that has antibacterial components in it.

In the case of toners, a spray form is preferred to prevent direct contact between the product and the skin. Using physical sunscreens helps to form a physical block so that even when one is wearing a mask for a long while, it doesn’t cause any irritation or aggravate the skin. When it comes to picking a face mask, keep in mind to use breathable material like silk or cotton. The masks have to be very sterile and should not be constantly touched.

What About Wearing Makeup Under The Mask?

While makeup is a woman’s best friend, Dr. SomaSarkar recommends taking a break from it for a little while. She says that wearing heavy makeup will stain and smudge the face mask. Not to mention, makeup residue on the mask also leads to breakouts. If you must, wear light makeup and always keep a cooling spray like thermal spring water to hydrate the skin at regular intervals.

Follow the CTM (cleanser, toner, moisturiser) route and for your PM skincare routine, always use a rich moisturiser with hyaluronic acid in it to nourish and hydrate the skin. If you must exfoliate your skin during the pandemic, once in 10 days with a very mild face scrub should do be fine. 

Another thing to keep in mind is to make sure that you use a clean face mask to keep the breakouts at bay. Make it a priority to wash the mask often to get rid of whatever bacteria and dirt is present on it. We hope this article solved all your Covid-19 mask queries! 

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