Diana Penty Just Had A Silver Moment & It's Getting Us In The Festive Mood!


It's been kind of a dull year for makeup (and everything else) which is why we get super excited anytime we see a celebrity rocking a fully glam look on Instagram. Diana Penty just shared a photograph of herself carrying off a bold silver eye makeup look and it's getting us into the end of year party mood already. 

If you're as bewitched by this dramatic eye look as us, and want to wear it at your upcoming (Zoom) Christmas party, then we're going to show you how you can recreate it.

Here's How You Can Get The Look

Step One: Start With The Eyes

Here's a pro tip, whenever you're doing a bold eye look, start with that because there is a high chance of eyeshadow fallout and you don't want that to ruin your base. Prime your lids, using an eyeshadow primer or concealer so that the shadows glide on easier, stay on longer, and have an intense pigment. Then set in place with a loose powder, so that it doesn't crease. 

Pick up a neutral brown eyeshadow and start blending it into your crease from the outer corner. Go over it a few times, intensifying the colour gradually. Then because this is a cool-toned eye look, go in with a taupe colour in the crease again. Post that, take a black shadow and ever so slightly start blending it in the outer third of the eye to create depth. Finally, pick some silver shadow on your finger and apply it to the rest of the lid. Intense shimmers work best when you use your fingers- it gives maximum control and intensity of colour. Line your lids with a thin black liner line, apply mascara and false lashes if you want and move onto the next step.

Step Two: Get The Base Right

In the winters, our skin needs extra hydration so make sure that your skin is prepped well with moisturiser. Then use a foundation that gives you full coverage while not being too matte because it may look patchy if the weather gets too chilly. Apply it with a buffing brush or a foundation brush if you want more coverage. Then apply concealer under your eyes and chisel out your cheekbones using a cream contour shade. Set the concealer in place by dusting loose powder and the contour by going over it with a powder product or bronzer.

Step Three: Finish Off The Eyes

Go over your bottom lashline with that taupe shade to make the makeup look more coherent and don't forget to apply mascara to your lower lashes. Then fill in your brows using your eyebrow pencil and set them in place using a brow gel. Use a matte cream eyeshadow to just highlight thee browbone cause this will make the eye makeup pop even more.

Step Four: Don't Forget The Cheeks

Diana has used a neutral coloured blush here and you can do the same. Instead of getting it close to the apples of the cheeks, apply it just above the contour to give a more lifted appearance. Then go in with a highlighter- nothing too dramatic but the slight glimmer for the festive season!

Step Five: Ready, Set, Pout

Apply a brownish nude lipstick. We suggest going in with a creamy matte one so that your lips are hydrated even if it's chilly. 

C'mon, whenever there's more glitter, we're less bitter!

Featured Image: Instagram