8 Timeless Beauty Lessons We Learned From Princess Diana That Hold True Even Today


It's been twenty-three years since the world lost Princess Diana but she continues to hold a place in all our hearts as being a part of the British Royal Family. She was a philanthropist in her own right, a humanitarian, a loving and dedicated mother and a force to be reconned with. From refusing to say that she would 'obey' Prince Charles in her wedding vows to speaking her mind through her fashion choices, The Princess Of Wales was a feminist icon. Fondly remembered as the people's princess, she would have turned 59 in 2020.

While people adore her for style, charm, glamour, and magnetism, today we thought we would look at some of her timeless beauty looks. 

8 Of Princess Diana's Beauty Lessons That Are Still Valid Today

A Pop Of Blue Eyeliner

Princess Diana Makeup Looks

Credits: Instagram

Princess Di's eyes were simply mesmerising so for her makeup artists to accentuate those was not a hassle. She had ocean blue eyes that you could almost get lost in and she brought out the colour by using a blue eyeliner pencil. Rimming her lower lashline with the colour just made them look even more prominent and gorgeous.

Glossy Nude Lips Go With Everything

Princess Diana Beauty Looks

Credits: Instagram

The Princess Of Wales always stuck to radiant skin that didn't look like it was caked with makeup and her go-to lip colour was nude. Choosing a pinkish-brown shade two or three tones darker than her skin colour, she topped her lipstick with gloss to make it pop. It's simple, elegant and a classic makeup look that can be worn for any occasion.

Creamy Lipsticks Are The Most Comfortable Formulas

Princess Diana Makeup Look

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For red carpets and evening events, the icon would get glammed up and carry off a bold red or wine lipstick. She preferred creamy formulas to just matte which had a little sheen as well as were comfortable to wear throughout the function. The rest of her makeup was understated when she wore this.

Fluttery And Flirty Lashes

Princess Diana Makeup

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The ethereal beauty almost flirted with the cameras and somehow looked picture perfect in every shot. She had this charisma that made everyone feel comfortable and welcome. She would bat her eyelids once and the whole world would swoon- that's the level of celebrity that she has reached. She made sure to not only coat her top lashes with mascara but even her bottom ones to give a fuller and longer look.

Keeping The Base Radiant And Skin- Like

Princess Diana Wedding Makeup

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In all of her pictures, one thing is common- radiant, glowy, and natural skin. She always liked it when her base still looked like skin and didn't look too heavy and when we're talking about this, how could we not mention the global phenomenon that was the royal wedding. 

Smoked Lower Lashline

Princess Diana's Makeup

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When doing your eye makeup, it's important to pay close attention to the lower lash line as well because that's when the look feels complete and tied together. Princess Di knew this and always smoked it out ever so slightly with black eyeshadow so that it all felt coherent.

Never Forget The Decolletage

Princess Diana Beauty Looks

Credits: Instagram

The queen of fashion, the Princess often wore off-shoulder dresses to events but one thing she always kept in mind was to highlight her decolletage area. This gave her body a radiance too and worked well on camera as well. You could achieve the same glow using a liquid highlighter.

Luminous And Dewy Shine From Within

Princess Diana Glow

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One thing you may have noticed in all of her pictures is that she loved having a radiant glow on her cheeks but didn't ever use a chunky, powdered highlighter. Instead, she went from a more healthy, illuminated look that will always be on-trend. 

I've got to say, an article about Princess Diana isn't complete without saying that she was more than just a gorgeous and charming person. She made her voice heard in 1997 for an international ban on landmines by walking through a live minefield in Angola. She visited an AIDS hospital and created history by shaking a patient's hand without wearing gloves. She was the patron of over 100 charities that worked tirelessly for various causes. She is remembered till today and missed even now!

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