Barbie Who? Nora Fatehi's Latest Nude Pink Look Makes Her Look Like A Real-Life Doll


Remember those days when everyone in the beauty world was going gaga over OTT makeup? Larger than life eyelashes, smokey eyes, bold lipstick and of course, enough highlighter to send signals to our friends in the space. But not everyone is a fan of loud makeup and we get it.

I was just casually scrolling my Instagram when this picture of Nora Fatehi appeared on my timeline and boy, my jaw dropped.

Credits: Instagram

It is minimal, it is pink, it is perfect. And if you are somebody who is a big fan of nudes...we mean minimal glam, then Nora Fatehi's latest look is just for you. 

Nora Fatehi Barbie Pink Glamm Look

Credits: Instagram

I think when I say this, I say this on behalf of everyone that Nora looks like a real-life doll. Apart from her envious dance moves, her makeup is always on point too. And her latest post proves the point, again. Here's how you can ace the pink nude makeup look, just in time for the holidays.

'Coz Its All About The Base

Nora's base is perfect--too perfect if you ask me. Of course, there's some editing involved to remove texture from the skin but we rely on a primer to blur the pores.

So, start by priming your skin with a hydrating primer and then use a matte foundation. Apply it evenly on your face, your eyes (works as a great eye primer) and even your neck--never forget the neck.

Next, take a pink blush and apply it on the apple of your cheeks. And if you really want to flaunt that *I'm feeling cold* look, then use some more.

If you like, you can contour your nose otherwise you're pretty much done with the base-ics here.

That Eye Makeup Tho

From afar, it looks like Nora really didn't do any sort of eye makeup. But on closer inspection, we found out something and it blew our minds. 

Her makeup artist, Namrata Soni did some clever work on her lids. She drew a faint brown line over her eye sockets which not only makes her eyes pop out but also makes them appear big. A few strokes on a liquid eyeliner on the outer ara of the eyes, along with some mascara--we're definitely copying it for our next night out.

'Coz Everyone Loves Nudes

To complete her nude pink makeup look, she chose a peachy nude lipstick and honestly, it is one of those shades that everyone can pull off. You can wear it with your sexy LBD or even desi attire--don't you just love it when you find your signature lip shade?

We love how Nora is living our Barbie fantasies!

Featured Image: Instagram