We're Answering All The Beauty Questions That The World Googled In 2020


2020 has been quite a journey. Even though most of it was spent indoors, when it came to beauty trends, there was no shortage of them. There were new trends all over social media and people even bombarded Google with their beauty questions.

And because we couldn't leave our homes for most of the year, many were searching for at-home treatments and DIYs that anyone could do without the help of a professional. Since it is the last week of December, we decided to reflect on Google’s most-searched beauty queries and help you find answers. Read on to know more.

FYI this seems to have become Google’s yearly tradition and we love it.

How To Cut Your Own Hair?

This probably doesn’t come as a shock to many. Since salons were shut for long periods of time, many people decided to take matters into their own hands when it came to dealing with their long hair. And if you thought it was only women looking for the answers, think again! ‘How to cut men’s hair at home’ also showed up on Google’s list and we're sure couple's had a fun time becoming each other's hair stylists. 

How To Wash Hands?

This one comes as no surprise. ‘How to wash your hands’ was one of the most googled questions the moment the pandemic started. As per the CDC guidelines, it is important to wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds, covering every nook and corner by scrubbing in between your fingers and cleaning your cuticles as well before washing it off.

How To Style Curly Hair?

Since there weren’t any outings and we basically spent the whole year in PJs, many people opted to ditch their straightening irons and let their natural hair down- the only problem? Many didn’t know how to handle their curly hair which is why they turned to Google for help.

How To Plop Your Hair?

Curly hair seems to have dominated Google’s most-searched list. Aside from styling, the second most searched question when it came to natural hair was how to plop. If you didn’t know already, plopping is a simple technique that needs to be done once you step out of the shower. All you need to do is take a cotton t-shirt, flip your hair forward to the centre of the t-shirt and then wrap it into a turban on top of your head. The t-shirt will soak up moisture without roughing up the cuticles or causing any frizz.

How To Colour Your Hair at Home?

Hair colouring should be left to the pros but during the lockdown, we needed to take matters into our own hands. Even though now, parlours are running, many people are choosing to not risk it and are colouring their hair at home. Since many people were desperately searching for ways to hide their greys or even try a new hair colour during the quarantine, many stylists took to social media to show us how it’s done.

How To Style Curtain Bangs

If it wasn’t cutting your own hair, then it was styling it! Bangs seemed to be a big hit during quarantine, with everyone from influencers to celebrities snipping and snapping. Curtain bangs were of course the winners here and people wanted to know how to style 'em.

2021 is around the corner so here’s to more Google beauty searches.

Featured Image: Instagram