Malaika Arora Shared Her Haircare Routine & It's A Surprisingly Simple!


Now that none of us have nowhere to go and not much to do, we might as well look after our skin and hair and practice our grand return to the world when this is all over. I've seen people actually trying out the entire 10-step Korean skincare routine and ending their day with a sheet mask. I've also seen people, who were not as interested in beauty, using face rollers to relax their facial muscles. People are also trying out DIY hair masks and nani ke nuskhe to bring back the shine to their mane. 

Welcome actor, Malaika Arora recently took to Instagram to share her haircare tips for longer, shinier and stronger hair and believe it or not- it's a good ol' champi! She even said that hair doesn't need as much effort and a quick oil massage during the weekend is good enough. 

Malaika shared is that she uses three oils - cold-pressed coconut oil, olive oil and castor oil, in equal proportions for luscious locks. You can take 100 ml of each of these oils and mix them in a glass jar and add a handful of methi seeds, along with a few curry leaves and let the mix infuse for a few days.

The oil can even be stored for a long period of time and for your weekend hair care routine, just heat a small amount of it in a bowl and massage it into your hair in circular motions. Leave this on for 45 mins to an hour before washing it thoroughly. 



Methi seeds are rich in protein and nicotinic acid, both of which can be beneficial for your hair growth. Curry leaves are a rich source of beta-carotene and proteins that can reduce hair fall and boost hair growth. So, doesn't it sound like a miraculous treatment?

Thank you Malla for sharing this beauty tip with us! Definitely treating myself to a good ol' champi this weekend. 

Featured Image: Instagram