A Genius Way To Remove Waterproof Mascara Without Losing Your Lashes


Waterproof mascara is a one the coolest makeup inventions out there! It stays put on the lashes for long hours and won't smudge away when it comes in contact with water. Almost every waterproof mascara available in stores today is silicone-based. An interesting ingredient that's also found in serums, conditioners and shampoos. Since silicone is fat-based, water does not interfere with it when it's on the lashes. 

While waterproof mascara is a heavy-duty product, there is a special way to remove it and no, you're ordinary makeup remover won't make the cut here!

How To Remove Waterproof Mascara Without Losing Your Lashes

It's perfectly safe to wear waterproof mascara, but removing it usually the problem. If you don't know how to do it properly, you can irritate the skin around the eyes and cause your poor lashes to break and fall out. You need a gentle makeup remover that's designed to dissolve waterproof makeup. Stay away from removers that contain mineral oil and SLS as they can lead to unwanted breakouts and neurotoxicity. Another ingredient you want to stay away from is Diazolidinyl urea. That stuff is nasty as it can irritate the eyes and cause terrible itchiness. (These ingredients are usually mentioned on the packaging itself so keep an eye out for them)

Here's what you need to do:

- You can try removing waterproof makeup by placing a cotton pad soaked in makeup remover on your lashes.

- Gently press the pad into the lashes so that each lash gets drenched in makeup remover solution.

- After 10 seconds, without tugging or being rough, swipe the pad downward.

- If you spot an extra product on your skin and in between your lashes after this, then use a Q-tip that's soaked in makeup remover to clean the area. 


Since the skin around your eyes is ten times thinner than the rest of your face, you want to be super gentle while removing the mascara. Like mentioned earlier, no tugging, applying too much pressure or removing in a haste. Take your time and do it gently. 

If you prefer the natural route, opt for coconut oil! Compared to a makeup remover, it is affordable and equally as effective. However, there's a tiny con to this too. Since coconut oil is not sterile, it could burn your eyes if it does manage to get into them. A little product goes a long way with coconut oil as too much of it can make the area around the eyes super oily and greasy. 

Alternatively, you could also try makeup remover balms and waterproof eye makeup removers.

After all, your lashes are precious. They take around 2-16 weeks to grow back and honestly, ain't nobody got time for that! So your best bet at the moment is to be gentle and take it slow when removing mascara from the lashes. 

Feature Image: Pexels