Get The Look: Lily Collins Channelling Her Inner Emily Is Taking Away Our Monday Blues!


‘Emily In Paris’ was a hit the moment it released on Netflix and the world still can’t get enough of Lily Collins and her carefree, fashionable character. The actress recently appeared on Jimmy Fallon and it was clear that she is still in character - mode as she channelled her inner Emily. Her fashionable pantsuit was a la mode, her hair neatly sat in place with not even one strand out of place and finally, the thing we can’t get enough of --- her bold makeup! There’s no denying that she was on a mission to show off her on-fleek look as she flooded Insta with a whole lot of pics.

If you are looking for some bold, edgy makeup inspo that is #EmilyInParis worthy, then this is the makeup look you need to try. We’re breaking down Lily Collins’ makeup look bit by bit so that you too can look like a fashionista for your next outing or Zoom party ---best of all, it is also Xmas makeup look worthy. Keep on reading to know more.

Note: This makeup look is edgy and may not be for the faint of heart.

Full Breakdown Of Lily Collins Makeup Look


Just like before applying any makeup, it is important to wash your face clean with a gentle cleanser, followed by moisturiser, primer and later foundation (this one is optional).


For the eyes, start by applying an eye primer. This will help your eyeshadow stay on longer and make the pigments really pop.

Once you’re done with the primer, add a bit of silver on the centre of your eyelids and a turquoise blue on your crease line going all the way to the outer corner of your eyelids. Since this eye makeup look is already so loud, you can finish off by just coating your lashes with mascara.

Your brows frame your entire face, so be sure not to leave them out. Shape your brows to perfection with a bit of brow powder and a trusty spoolie.


Yes, there is a rule of either bold lips or eyes and never both, but rules are meant to be broken. The actress paired her bold eye makeup with an equally bolder scarlet red lip colour with orange undertones which made her look like she just walked off the Milan runway. Since face masks are mandatory, if you are going for this look, opt for a matte finish so that your lippy will stay in place even after removing the face mask.


And finally, to complete this Lily Collin’s makeup look, achieve that lit-from-within-glow with a bit of highlighter. A dab on your cheekbones, under the brow bone and down the bridge of your nose is good enough to help you shine bright. We suggest letting your blush sit this one out since you already have so much colour going on, adding just this one makeup product might just take your look from runway to circus.

Et, voila! Look and feel like #EmilyInParis during your next party by recreating Lily Collin’s makeup look.

Featured Image: Instagram