#GetTheLook: How To Recreate Janhvi Kapoor's Bronzed Makeup Look For Almost Any Occasion


Janhvi Kapoor has taken Bollywood by storm ever since her debut in Dhadak, and now she's walking the runway, collaborating with brands on campaigns, and best of all, giving us some serious beauty and fashion goals. She carries off both desi and western attire with equal grace and panache. and we love that.

Recently, she took to Instagram to share a picture of herself and we can't help but gawk at her beautiful eye makeup. Gold, glittery and oh-so-glamourous, this is a great look for party season as you sip on some bubbly (albeit over Zoom)!

Wanna know how to recreate this look? Scroll down to know more.

Step One: Start With The Eyes

Since this is an eye-heavy look, start with blending the shadows, this way even if you have fallout you can dust it off and do your base over it. Prime your lids with an eyeshadow primer, this will even out all the lines and wrinkles and give you a smooth canvas. Use a fluffy blending brush to apply a brown tone in the crease and all over the lid. Then focus a deeper shade in the crease and blend more. Then you can apply black eyeshadow along your upper lash line and blend it out for a smokey effect. Finally, take a bronze-toned glitter colour and apply it all over the lid while blending well. Go over the black eyeshadow with a black gel liner to make it more defined and then apply mascara.

Step Two: Move Onto The Base

Prime your face with a pore-minimizing primer or a hydrating one as per your skin needs and then move onto the foundation. Use one with a matte finish and medium coverage because that's what Janhvi did and blend it with a makeup sponge. Apply a concealer that is a couple of shades lighter than you under your eyes and to the high points of your face. Bake it with a loose powder so that it doesn't crease.

Step Three: Final Touches In The Eyes

Once you've dusted off the loose powder take the same brown shadows you had applied on the crease and smoke out the lower lashline. This will make the tie the makeup in together. Fill in your brows and don't forget to highlight using a matte cream colour right under them to give a more lifted appearance. 

Step Four: Bronzer For The Win

Use bronzer to chisel out your jawline and give yourself those supermodel cheekbones. Go with a matte shade since this is what is going to add colour to the skin.

Step Five: Pout Your Worries Away

Finally, use a lipstick with a pinkish nude colour and a hint of shine, and then layer it with lipgloss. This will get you looking party-ready!

The best part is that this is such a universal look that it goes with just about anything. Excited to give it a go?

Featured Image: Instagram