Sparkle On! Here's How To Make Your Own Shimmery Liquid Eyeshadow At Home


I prefer liquid eyeshadows to powdered ones because they're easy to apply and dry up super quickly. Although they may not have a thick texture as compared to creamy eyeshadows, it works for me, because I like products which are lightweight and have a great staying power. While I do own a bunch of liquid eyeshadows at home, none of them match up to the joy of making one from scratch. If you're a huge fan of beauty DIYs, you're gonna love this one!

How To Make Your Own Liquid Eyeshadow At Home

Remember ladies, less bitter, more glitter!

You'll Need:

Eyeshadow powder pigment

- Setting spray

- Straw

- Empty lipgloss container 

- Dropper

Here's How To Make Your Own Liquid Eyeshadow

Step 1: Use a straw to pick up some eyeshadow pigment.

Step 2: Drop the eyeshadow pigment into an empty lipgloss container. (You can use one of your old-but-clean lipgloss containers or buy a brand new one online)


Step 3: Using a dropper, pour some fixing mist into the lipgloss container. 


Step 4: Close the container and give it a good shake.

Step 5: Your liquid eyeshadow is ready to use!


What's amazing about these cutesy liquid eyeshadows is that they're inexpensive and fun to make! You don't have to experiment with one eyeshadow colour pigment, you can try this trick with metallics, pastels and even bright neon colour - get your creative juices flowing! Also, if someone's birthday or anniversary is coming up, then these DIY liquid eyeshadows will make beautiful gifts

Featured Image: Unsplash