POPxo Beauty Writer Shows Us How To Give Yourself A Foot Spa At Home with WIPEOUT


If you occasionally enjoy a foot spa, then you’re in for a treat. It’s probably been six months since I last indulged in a pedicure at a salon. Even though salons have been given the green light to operate again, it’s going to be another couple of months until I book my next appointment. Given that we’re living in the middle of a pandemic, it’s quite risky to venture out and get back to any daily pre-corona activities. But my feet needed some TLC, ASAP. Luckily, with the help of  WIPEOUT by MyGlamm range of sanitizing products, I cracked the code to pamper my feet at home! With just three WIPEOUT products and five simple steps, I’ve managed to keep my feet happy and I’m going to let you in on all the secrets. By the end of it, you will get salon-like smooth, soft, germ-free feet, all in the comfort of your own home. And since this lockdown has made us honorary chefs, painters and even pro coffee makers, after following these steps, you can also add ‘pedicurist’ to the list.

What Do You Need?

For your next self-care Sunday, take into consideration your feet as well. During your weekly sheet mask-and-chill time, you can also give yourself a pedicure with the help of these items: 

- A tub big enough for your feet

- A foot scrub

- Nail clippers and filer

- Nail polish

- WIPEOUT Germ Killing Body Wash

- WIPEOUT Germ Killing Foot Cream

- WIPEOUT Germ Killing Hand Cream

Make sure to remove your old nail polish before you begin.

What To Do?

1. Soak The Feet In Warm Water 

Start by soaking your feet in warm water for about 15-20 minutes, sit back and relax. Adding a few drops of the WIPEOUT Germ Killing Body Wash in the water will not only make this experience more spa-like, but since this body wash has natural germ-fighting ingredients like tea tree oil, chamomile oil, lavender oil and turmeric extract, it will kill all the nasties lurking on your feet.

Note: If you have swollen feet, you can add a bit of Epsom salt to reduce swelling.

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2. Shape Your Nails

After 15 minutes, remove your feet from water, pat them dry and bring out the clippers. Just keep in mind to not cut your nails too short, as the overexposed skin might sting which will put a damper on your relaxing foot spa day. Then, shape the corners with a nail file and use cuticle oil. Applying cuticle oil on the skin around your nails will help prevent damage, soften your cuticles, improve the appearance of your nails and will promote nail growth. You can create a DIY cuticle oil as well by mixing together other essential oils that are lying around your house.

3. Exfoliate Your Feet

Here's where the real work begins! Grab your foot scrubber and start sloughing away dead skin and calluses. Scrub your heels, soles, and the sides of your feet to get smooth, supple skin. When you're done, dip your feet back in the tub and rinse off the gunk with warm water. Make sure your feet are washed clean and there’s no residue or skin flakes left in your cuticles or between your toes.

4. Moisturise

The WIPEOUT Germ Killing Foot Cream is a great after-exfoliating foot cream as it’s packed with natural ingredients like cocoa butter and tea tree oil, which are specifically designed to kill the germs on your feet and heal damaged, dry skin. Take your time and massage the cream on your feet, ankle and legs until it is completely absorbed.

5. Paint Your Nails

Once you’re done massaging the cream, grab your nail paint and prop your feet up. Start by applying a base coat to help your polish last longer. Let it dry and then apply a thin layer of polish, first in the middle and then on the side for a cleaner finish. Apply two or three coats as required and after it’s set, add a clear top coat to give it that salon-like shine! A top coat will not only protect it from chipping but will also give you that Insta-worthy feet at-home!

6. Hand TLC

After this entire process, your hands deserve some love too. Wash your hands clean with the WIPEOUT Germ-Killing Body Wash and treat them to the WIPEOUT Germ-Killing Hand Cream. Enriched with all-natural ingredients, this cream hydrates the skin and kills 99% germs.

Things To Keep In Mind

1) Use a Q-tip dipped in nail polish remover to get rid of any extra paint that might have gotten on your skin or cuticles.

2) After your pedicure, discard the water and sanitize the foot tub and foot scrub with a good disinfectant. Once you're done, use the WIPEOUT Sanitizing Spray to get rid of any germs or bacteria that were left behind.

3) Try to incorporate this routine into your self-care Sundays. Once you start pampering your feet every week, they are bound to look smooth, germ-free and fabulous. Plus, since it’s DIY, you will be saving a lot of money.

Featured image: Pexels

Toss these products in your purse, desk drawer, car or gym bag to sanitize anytime, anywhere. Ready to make WIPEOUT your new BFF? Check it out here.