Get The Look: Arianna Grande's Fierce & Fabulous Cat-Eye


When it comes to eye makeup, Ariana Grande takes the number one spot for setting trends. First, she made the classic cat-eye famous again and earlier this year, thanks to her music video ‘Rain On Me’, she paved the way for the graphic white cat-eye trend and now she’s back once again.

This time the singer uploaded a promotional image for her new fragrance and we just can’t get enough of her eye makeup. Sticking to her signature cat-eye, Ariana also added a little shimmer to her lids, making it the perfect makeup look for this holiday season.

If you have a virtual or in-person Xmas party to attend and really want to dress your best and hope for people to notice, then this makeup look is sure to steal the show. Keep on reading to find out how you can create this eye-turning cat-eye.

Prime Time

The key to making the eyeshadow colour pop is to first prime your eyes. Use an eye primer all over your lids until every inch is covered. Using a primer will also help your eye makeup last longer, making it one less ‘Problem’ to worry about.


Instead of just lining your eyes, ‘Break Free’ from your regular makeup routine and make your eyes sparkle just like Ariana Grande by using a shimmery copper shade. Apply a champagne gold hue to the inner corners of your eyelids and blend it out until you’ve covered half your eyelid. Next, take a metallic copper shade and apply it on the other half and blend it out to create a smokey cat-eye.

Remember, while using two eyeshadow shades blending is key if you want it to look soft and not too harsh.


Now for the star of the show- the cat-eye liner. For this look, draw only a thick wing and minimize it as you go towards the inner corners of your eyelids. This winged liner paired with the smokey shadow on your lids is sure to add a sultry vibe to your entire look. You can also add a bit of eyeliner to your lower lash line as well. Complete this look with mascara and fake lashes.


When it comes to creating mesmerizing makeup looks, no matter how good it is, it’s all a waste if your brows aren’t done. Ariana Grande went for bold brows for this makeup look and so can you with your trusty brow pencil and a bit of tinted brow gel. This is sure to make you look ‘Good As Hell’.

Finishing Touches

For the rest of your face, a bit of highlighter down the bridge of your nose, and on the cheekbones, nude lipstick and a bit of blush is enough to make you feel like a ‘Dangerous Woman’ just like Ariana Grande.

Given that face masks are mandatory, go on and captivate everyone with your sultry eyes by recreating this ‘Thank You, Next’ worthy makeup look.