How To Fake That Vacay Glow & Look Radiant AF Like Kareena Kapoor


This year has been anything but normal. We traded in our night outs for Netflix & Pjs, handshakes for namastes and sunglasses for face masks. We also got the much needed free time we didn’t know we needed and not to forget, in 2020 the tables turned where us humans, were trapped in the four cages of our walls while animals roamed the streets freely -- there’s no denying that this quarantine had its fair share of pros and cons and for the travel addicts, one of the biggest cons happens to be no vacays this year.

Yes, those who are so used to taking a trip, within the country or outside every year had to cancel plans due to the pandemic and even though travel has opened up now in December, not everyone is jumping on the plane to take the first flight to the sandy beaches or snowcapped mountains. For most of us, we still have to live vicariously through celebrities who have started their yearly travels. One such Bollywood celebrity happens to be Kareena Kapoor Khan. The pregnant actress has been vacationing in Palampur and she wasn’t afraid to show off her vacay glow. Kareena posted a selfie of her glowing skin and flushed cheeks, looking absolutely gorge! But guess what? You don’t need to hop on the next flight to get that vacay glow. 

Thanks to the power of makeup, you too can show off your radiant, glowing skin just like Kareena Kapoor in your next selfie. Best of all, it will look amazing for your holiday brunch parties. Keep on reading to find out how.

Prep & Prime

This one is a no brainer and by now, it should be religiously followed. Before applying skincare products or makeup you need to first cleanse, exfoliate and moisturised before applying any makeup products. This will eliminate the build of dirt and grime and leave you with a smooth canvas to work with.

Once you’re done, prep your skin with a primer followed by a lightweight foundation to give your skin a dewy finish just like Kareen Kapoor. Choose a foundation that’s one shade warmer than your complexion for a more radiant finish, followed by concealer if you have dark circles or spots you need to hide.

Go Nuts With The Bronzer

You cannot fake that vacay glow without bronzer. This is the most important product you need to achieve this look and to give you that I-just-laid-on-the-beach tan. For a chiselled, natural glow use the number 3 tactic and start by applying the bronzer to the outer edges of your forehead, bring it down towards your cheekbones and then out again around the jaw. Add it on your collar and shoulder bones as well to give it that natural look.

Get That Highlight Bling

In Kareen Kapoor’s selfie, you can’t miss that radiant glow. Luckily, you can get it too with a bit of highlighter. For that vacay glow use warm golden and bronze shades and avert silvery tones. You can go ahead and add a bit on your cheekbones, below the brow bones, on your Cupid’s bow and even on your shoulders and collar bone.

Natural Brows

Don’t overfill your brows. This look is all about keeping it natural or rather faking it, so just combing through them with a bit of tinted brow gel is good enough.

Go Nude

For your lips, if you have naturally pink lips, a clear gloss is all it takes to complete this look. For those with slightly pigmented lips, use a nudish pink matte lippy that will stay put below that face mask.

There you have it, the easiest way to fake that vacay glow and look as radiant as Kareena Kapoor Khan in your next selfie.

Featured Image: Instagram