Decoding Bhavana Pandey's Energy Facelift In Fabulous Lives Of Bollywood Wives


Have you spent precious hours of your life binge-watching Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives that you will never get back? Well, me too! The latest reality show following the lives of well, Bollywood wives is now on Netflix and if you've even seen the trailer, you know exactly what you're in for- designer items, dramatic conversations, and outrageous comments. It's got cameos from your fav celebs including Karan Johar and Shah Rukh Khan and at one point KJo even remarks, "Why the fuck should I watch a show about four women who don’t have jobs?"

Um. Same Karan. Same. 

But anyway out of the many bizarre things that happened on the show, including a beach cleanup where the girls turned up to clean Mahim beach in Prada and heels, probably the most bizarre was the energy facelift that Bhawna Panday got. 

In the fourth episode of the show called Feelings and Fillers, Neelam Kothari from the Neelam Show goes to consult a dermatologist for a facelift, and at the same time, Bhavana Pandey goes to an energy guru to try an alternative route to younger-looking skin. 

What Is An Access Energy Facelift?

The Fabulous Lives Of Bollywood Wives Energy Facelift

This is basically a beauty technique that is used to reverse the signs of aging and to rejuvenate, revitalise, and enliven the cells in the body. It supposedly quickens and deepens the body's natural healing capacities thus giving the face a body a more lifted and younger look. 

This natural botox technique restores the natural flow of energy in and around the body and works through a gentle, soothing touch to oxygenate the face. So, people who go through the process claim to look more youthful without using creams, pills, chemicals, surgery, or needles. Getting it done regularly can even make these changes in the skin cells more permanent. 

The apparent benefits of this procedure are:

  • Smoother and clearer skin
  • Reduction in fine lines, scars, pigmentation, wrinkles, and swelling
  • Feeling more relaxed
  • Enhanced energy flow in the body
  • A non-invasive procedure with no downtime and more cost-effective 


The Fabulous Lives Of Bollywood Wives Still

If you missed the show and are wondering how it's done- we've got the details. A healer or a coach apparently transfers energy from the Earth to the face and it works on a cellular level of rejuvenation and revitalisation. After the treatment and even during it, Bhavana did say she felt more relaxed and even felt that her skin looked better.


Talking about alternative skin therapy, even Neelam said, "I found that a lot of her (Bhavana's) pigmentation has sort of become less. Her skin is looking more even. So, yeah, I can see a difference."


The Fabulous Lives Of Bollywood Wives

However, the other two did not comply. Seema Khan who is married to Sohail Khan even went on to say, "Listen, I can't say it cause it's going to sound hysterical. I can't lie about it, sorry Bhavana. I really can't. But it's mad. Who tightens their skin with what did she say... reiki?" 

The Fabulous Lives Of Bollywood Wives Energy Access Facelift

Honestly, I think it boils down to belief. If you think this is something that works and the energy from the Earth can work for your skin then great and go for it and if not then incorporating things like retinol, Vitamin C, peptides, niacinamide to your skincare regimen may help you.

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Featured Image: Instagram, Netflix