Trend alert: The Korean Glass Skin


K beauty trends always have something new and interesting to offer. This time it’s the ‘glass skin’ that has caught everybody’s attention. It’s the latest skincare trend being followed by Korean bloggers and K beauty followers. Yes, the Koreans are obsessed with clear skin, and this time they are taking it to a whole new level with a complexion so clear and poreless, that it almost looks like glass! No kidding, the Korean glass skin trend has gone viral on Instagram as women are posting pictures of their smooth and glowing, almost translucent skin.

Hop into the glass skin bandwagon?
Good skin does require TLC unless you are blessed with extremely good genes. Most of the Koreans go to great lengths to keep their skin in top shape. Korean skincare regimens are known worldwide for being elaborate and consisting of several steps which involve thorough cleansing, masking and moisturising. All that along with diligence and consistency.  K beauty fans know that to achieve a truly poreless complexion, you have to keep the clean super-clean at all times, and devoid of every trace of makeup, oil, sweat, and grime. It’s an ongoing process that goes on night after night. Moisturisation comes next as keeping the skin supple means it’ll be free of lines and wrinkles for a longer time hence, keeping one youthful looking.

See these women who tried out the Korean glass skin trend:

How to get the Korean glass skin
Now that you have seen the pictures, we know you want to achieve that flawless glass-like complexion. We have to tell you that it is a multi-step process just like other K-beauty skincare routines. It’s not impossible to do but yes, let’s just say it is a long-term commitment. But the results are stunning, as you can see.

So, if you’re willing to put in the work, we’ll show you how to get the gorgeous glass skin. These practices will make your skin is so healthy, even toned, and plumped with hydration, that it’ll look almost translucent, like a shard of glass. Worth the pain, eh? This is what you need to do to get that glass-like skin…

Double cleansing
The first step to every skincare regimen is cleansing. Koreans take it one step ahead with double-cleansing routine. It involves washing the face in two steps; first with an oil-based cleanser, followed by a water-based cleanser. The first step is to remove oil-based impurities such as moisturiser, sebum etc. while the second step cleanses water-based debris such as sweat and superficial dirt. Simply cleanse your skin twice, with a cleansing oil, and then with a foam-based wash.

By masking we do not mean to mask the blemishes. More like using face masks to make the skin healthy. Your skin needs to be well-hydrated so that the skin can look plumped up and dewy. Use face mask at least once a week suitable for you skin type. It can be hydrating, calming, acne resisting or brightening.

Tone and brighten
Say goodbye to dull, lifeless skin by keeping it tones and bright. Use a serum to keep your skin at its healthiest. To achieve glass-like luminosity, be sure to use a brightening, skin-rejuvenating serum that evens out your skin and reveals its natural radiance. Do spot treatment if required to get rid of age spots on the skin.

A lot of importance has been laid on skin moisturisation. The Korean glass skin trend also lays great emphasis on moisturising the skin. At no time your skin should be dry, even if it's oily. Opt for the right kind of moisturiser, rich or light, and keep the moisture levels in your skin up always.

Eating healthy
What we eat directly affects our skin. Eating fried and greasy food regularly can make your skin breakout. Consuming too much caffeine and alcohol can dry the skin and also not consuming enough water makes the skin lose its elasticity. Drinking water is essential for overall health ad also keeps the skin hydrated. Eating better and drinking more water is always a good idea for your body.



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