Top 4 Celebrity Beauty and Skin Care Routines During COVID-19


What better time to show your skin some extra love than right now? The Coronavirus outbreak has given us the time we’ve needed to concentrate on ourselves and our skin. While some of us have been focusing on our artistic skills, our celebs have taken full advantage of this self-isolation period to take care of their skin. In order to cope with anxiety and boredom, we bring you some of the most fascinating #QuarantineBeauty routines that celebs swear by!

Elizabeth Banks


In a recently published Instagram post, Elizabeth looks so comfy in her PJs with her hair tied in a head towel and a cocktail in her hand. Her caption read, “Hot shower, cozy PJs, a hair mask, tequila and this mantra: Keep Calm #cheers to #Saturday #socialdistancing #familyisolation #paloma #cocktail." She's definitely doing everything right!


Amidst all that’s happening around us, we’re not giving enough attention to our tresses. Let’s not restrict our beauty regimens to our skin alone. Try on some DIY hair masks and let your hair become stronger and healthier.

Malaika Arora


Malaika Arora always gives us a sneak peek into her daily routine and we live for her content. Even during quarantine, she has been actively posting on Instagram, sharing her fitness and cooking videos and also how she takes care of her skin which refuses to age. Malaika revealed that she starts her day by drinking hot lemon water, which is an instant skin immunity booster followed by a simple aloe gel mask. If you love to apply face masks like Malaika, you have to try our GLOW Iridescent Brightening Sheet Mask

Martha Kalifatidis 


Martha Kalifatidis (Married At First Sight actress) shared her quarantine skincare secrets with her fans and honestly, it is kinda genius. The 31-year-old starts off with an anti-ageing gold eye mask, which she keeps in the fridge before use. After putting the undereye masks on, Martha added some hyaluronic acid serum to her face. To ensure that the serum absorbs completely, she used a Rose Quartz Double Roller on her face and went ahead to apply her skincare must-haves, which included a sunscreen, Vitamin C, Retinol and face oil. We love!

Jenna Dewan

Link: https://www.instagram.com/p/B9KWSUcBDgJ/

As she prepares herself for the birth of her second child, Jenna, shared a picture of her big baby bump covered with a hatch sheet mask in order to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars before and after the baby’s birth. Definitely gonna try this one for sure!

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