How To Use Bronzer, Blush And Highlighter The Right Way

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If you are a makeup enthusiast, not only will you insist on the importance of bronzer, blush and highlighter but will also vouch for the wonderous thing the trio can do for the face. The purpose of bronzer, blush and highlighter is to add dimension to the visage, while accentuating the best features and inundating the face with a healthy flush and glow. To get the best results, however, there are some rules to be followed. Everything, from picking the right colour to placement, the way it’s applied and tools matters.  

If you are still learning the art of using these three in harmony, here is some information that will get your bronzer-blush-highlighter game on point.

How To Use a Bronzer?

You think you are ready if you haven’t applied bronzer? The answer is No! Bronzer is an essential part of makeup as it gives depth to your face and gives defined edges so that you can have your perfect sharp look. It’s a way one can flaunt their sun kissed face that highlights their face features beautifully. To apply bronzer one needs to know the use of bronzer. Hence, follow us till the end and you will know it all.

How to Pick the Right Shade of Bronzer?

Picking the right bronzer shade becomes important as it will determine the end result of your makeup. One must invest in having two shades, one lighter one and another slightly deeper than the natural skin tone. Well to find your shade follow this guide as per your skin type and skin undertone.

Bronzer as Per Skin Type

Normal, Oily, or Combination Skin: If you have normal, oily or combination skin you need to choose powder bronzer as it will keep your skin neutral and free from oiliness. It will also give you a matte finish natural result.

Normal to Dry Skin: If you have normal to dry skin, you can consider cream based bronzer or liquid bronzer as it will not only keep your skin hydrated but also will give you better results as per your skin type.

Very Oily to Acne-prone Skin: This type of skin needs to be cautious as the skin is sensitive and oily, so bronzer blush makeup items can be reactive to them so for this skin type you need powders or gel based bronzer highlighter. Avoid going for creamy, shiny or metallic bronzer.

Bronzer as Per Skin Tone

Now the trickiest part comes in choosing a bronzer that suits your skin undertone.

Cool Undertone

People with cool undertones need some warm shade that will uplift the face makeup. You can go for warm peach hues, beige, taupe or soft brown.

Warm Undertone

People having warm undertones need to compliment their tone as it already has a warm skin tone, you can experiment with all warm, golden-brown colours.

Neutral Undertone

People having neutral tones need to balance and highlight their tones hence, something that is neither yellow or pink – natural brown-based shades.

Where to Apply Bronzer?

Once you know all about bronzer and have got one for yourself, you need to know the right technique of bronzer application or how to use bronzer? In this guide, you can know which area of your face needs bronzer application and as per shape of your face what will suit you the best.

Bronzer Application on Different Face Shapes

When applying bronzer, always start  where the sun naturally hits your face—the tops of your cheeks, the bridge of your nose, and sometimes a tiny bit on your neck and at the top of the forehead. 

Oval Face Shape: Apply your bronzer to the highest point of the temple along the hairline, just as on the cheeks. For a more formed look, apply it in the hollows of cheeks. You can likewise delicately tidy it along the extension of the nose.


Round Face Shape: To shape a round face, apply the bronzer along the cheekbones in a descending movement toward the jaw so it makes a delicate shadow. It may very well be ideal to utilize a powder Bronzer for this. Brush well for a characteristic completion.

Heart Face Shape: Like that of an oval face shape, bronzer application should hit the highest point of the temple and cheeks. For heart face shapes, you'll need to utilize more bronzer along the hairline and temple area. Lastly, add a dash of bronzer on the lower part of the jawline — you need to emphasize your normal features.

Square Face Shape: On the off chance that you have a square face shape, brush off your bronzer in a bended line along the center of the brow and along the center of the cheeks (directly between the hollows and the highest point of the cheekbones) to help pacify the edges of your face. 

Tools to Apply Bronzer

Like every makeup application needs its certain tools, well you should be aware of what tools are required for bronzer application. An angled brush helps sculpt the face and blend the bronzer correctly for a soft look. You can impart the right amount of colour to your cheeks with a fluffy brush and also help increase or decrease the intensity.

How to Use a Blush?

Blush as the name itself defines that the product is used to create a sexy and appealing face look highlighting the feminine factor of your face. It’s all about highlighting the apple of your cheeks to get an attractive look. The right colour blush can make your skin look divine. And the easiest trick to find your blush is to pinch your cheeks and see what colour your skin turns. Go for the blush that mimics the natural flush that appears on the skin.


How to Pick the Right Blusher Shade?

Finding your blush highlighter as per your skin tone needs to be done properly otherwise you may get unpleasant results. Here's a guide to pick your blush as per skin tones.

Fair Skin

People with fair skin need to keep it lighter and subtle, you can go for pinkish tones for subtle glow or choose a warm tone blusher to make it look neutral.

Wheatish Skin

Most Indians have a wheatish skin tone that defines the warm hues and tone. For these people it recommended to opt for something Coral, Peach, Tangerine, Brown shades.

Dusky Skin

Beautiful dusky skin tones need something with more pigmentation as it holds it better. Avoid going for lighter shades as it will look gaudy. You can opt for rose to deep orange shades.

Where to Apply Blush?

Applying blush needs a proper guide and direction, as you have a similar product like bronzer highlighter to play around with.Try to make a kissy face in the mirror, the space of your face where you are intending to apply blush will show in high definition. Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks and brush off delicately upward to the sides of your eyes to make a characteristic looking flush. 

 If you need to make a rosy look, you can likewise apply blush to your hairline and facial structure like you would for contouring. To truly peach up your persona, you can brush off blusher down the center of your nose like you would for highlighting

 You can follow the below image for applying blush according to face shape.


Tools to Apply Blush

The right tools will help you get the desired results. Good quality brushes help deliver and lay down pigments properly on the skin, so it’s important to invest accordingly.  A basic blush brush can function admirably with any powder item, however it's by all accounts not the only tool you can use to make a perfect glow on your face. You can have a wide round brush for application.


How To Use a Highlighter?

Highlighter is all about the best feature of your face simply by just highlighting it. When you are out of natural glow and you need a quick fix and want to add glow to your face, you can simply trust highlighter to do the job.

How to Pick the Right Highlighter Shade?

Here’s how to pick the right highlighter shade as per your skin tone

Fair skin tone

Pearly shades are particularly nice on fair skin tones. Go for hues like lilac, peach, pearl, silver and champagne. Pink tones are another fabulous shade for fair skin tones. 

Medium skin tone

Look for highlighters with peach or gold undertones. Hues like golden and champagne are best for medium to wheatish skin tones. Iridescent shades can also work but look for colors that have more warmth to them.

Deeper skin tones

Lean towards rich golds, copper and bronze tones and avoid too much shimmer, as those can sometimes make you look ashy. 

Where to Apply Highlighter?

Pull in your eyes to your best facial highlights by applying highlighter in round movements straightforwardly on the cheekbone. Brush off some highlighter on the center of your nose, cupid's bow, inward eye, or more the temple to finish that goodness my-gleam look!



Applying Highlighter as Per Face Shapes

Diamond: Highlight your cheekbones, chin and forehead area and just add a subtle bronzer below the cheekbones.

Square: Add length to your face by applying highlighter on the outer corners of your forehead and jawline and highlight your cheekbones, centre of forehead, nose tip and chin.

Round: Apply bronzer to your hairline and jawline and highlighter on your forehead, chin and cheekbones. 

Heart: Add width to the lower part of your face by applying bronzer on the centre of your jawline to make it appear shorter and less pointed and on the temples and under cheekbones to take some width off your upper face. Highlight the tip of your nose, forehead and cupid’s bow. 

Oval: Use highlighter on your highest points like cheekbones, brow bone, bridge of nose and chin. Blend and you’re ready to rock.

Tools to Apply Highlighter

A fan brush is ideal for brushing a highlighter on the higher planes of the face that’ll give a subtle sheen to your face. For the sheer coverage, utilize a brush with slender, scattered fibers, similar to a fan brush. For more sparkle results, utilize a denser brush, similar to a tapered or texturing brush. What's more, for the most shade result, utilize a dampened beauty sponge. While applying the item in more modest territories (your lips, nose, or eyes), utilize a little, compact tool, similar to a pencil brush, for the most exact arrangement.


Can you wear a bronzer and blush without foundation?

Yes, you can wear bronzer and blush without foundation. The concern here is if you have dry skin then do the moisturization part properly and if you have any redness or skin pigmentation it will interfere with the end result.

What goes first, blush or highlighter?

You can use blush and highlighter together simultaneously.  Apply blush on the apples of your cheekbones as a first step then finish off with highlighter just above the blush on the upper cheekbone.

Do you apply highlighter before or after bronzer?

Applying highlighter and bronzer doesn’t relate to before or after but just the right application over areas beside each other. You have to follow the right order, like bronzer covers your cheekbone then goes and then the highlighter at the upper part of the cheekbone.

This small guide on how to use bronzer and highlighter and how to apply blush have definitely cleared your doubts and gave you an idea of each product in terms of use, benefits and application.

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