Beauty Hacks All Lazy Girls Should Know

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Admit it! Not everyone goes the extra mile to look pretty and flawless. But most of us want to. If the daily grind doesn’t allow you to spend hours practising those elaborate makeup tutorials or if you are simple lazy, doesn’t mean you cannot look good. The good thing is there are some easy makeup tricks which can portray that you have actually put in some effort while doing the bare minimum.

Here’s giving you some quick and easy-to-do tricks that are perfect lessons for the lazy girl in you.

Still struggling with how to get that perfect winged eyeliner? Well, we know that the lazy girl in you won’t take the pain of mastering it free hand. Here’s a bang on solution that’ll get you absolutely perfect wings. You credit card can double up as your winged eyeliner stencil! Just place it diagonally at the outer edge of the eyes and trace a clean line with the eyeliner.

Applying mascara requires a steady hand. If you often end up getting mascara all over the lids, there’s an easy spoon hack. Just hold a flipped spoon on the area behind the eyelashes and apply the mascara. All the extra product will be smeared on the spoon and not on your skin.

Never conquered contouring? Worry not, it’s just as simple as the number of this point. Yes, writing number 3 on your face is all you need to master face contouring. Just draw a 3 starting form the side of the forehead, just above the temples, go through the hollows of the cheeks, back a little and an then go downwards gently tracing the jawline halfway. Blend the harsh line with a brush or a beauty blender and you will have a chiselled face in like 3 minutes.

To make your eyes pop and to hide tired-looking eyes, all you need to do is use a white eyeliner or a very light shade of eyeliner. Use a while eyeliner on the lower waterline. It will instantly brighten up the eyes making it look awake. If you don’t have a white eyeliner, use a nude coloured eye or lip pencil. Another good option is to use a light-coloured stick concealer and it will make the eye pop.

Removing makeup is a must at the end of the day. If you are too tired to wash your face, wetwipes will come to the rescue. These not only help freshen up by removing grime and dirt but are also good to wipe makeup off. Plus you get clean and fresh face. You can use face wipes or baby wipes and it’ll be of great help when you’re too lazy to wash your face before going to bed.

Want fuller lips? No problem. Just dab a little bit of highlighter on the centre of the lips and diffuse it using gentle strokes of the finger. You can use the highlighter over your lipstick or simple all by itself.

Choose between eyes and lips. Yes, if you only have a short amount of time, focus on either lips or eyes, not both. Either play up your eyes and let them do all the talking or sweep a deep, rich lip shade that’ll complete your look.

This little trick comes with two benefits. Use talcum or baby powder on your lashes in between mascara applications and your lashes will look thicker an longer instantly. Pick a little powder on a Q-tip and run it over the lashes after the first coat of mascara followed by the second coat. This will also help your mascara to dry faster.