The Perfect Guide To Know The Tips On How To Make Lipstick Kiss Proof!


Who doesn’t want their lipstick to last forever, but as distant a dream this may be, you can certainly make it last longer than usual. Kiss-proof (or smudge-proof) lips come handy not only on a date night (ahem) but also on any given day whether you are at the office, hanging out with a bunch of friends for brunch or simply letting your hair down at a party. But how to keep lipstick on while kissing? Here are some easy tips on how to keep lipstick from smudging when kissing to ensure that your fav lippy survives a meal and a few drinks and still go on to make you look fabulous.

How To Make Lipstick Stay On When Kissing

Every woman dreams of applying lipstick and making it stay on when kissing right!? Well, don’t you worry as we are here to let you know the tips on how to keep lipstick from coming off when kissing!

Exfoliate and moisturise


Applying lipstick on dry, flaky lips can spell disaster. If not moisturised, the crack may become prominent and show through the layer of lipstick making it look quite ugly. Start by scrubbing your lips clean of loose skin and then moisturising with a lip balm at least 10 minutes before lipstick application. This ensures that your lips stay supple and lipstick doesn’t peel off or flake. Exfoliation will make the lipstick stick better to the lips and give you instant kiss-proof lipstick.


Primers are used to create a smooth canvas on the skin for makeup application. Using a primer on the lips will keep them hydrated and provide a polished surface for the lip colour to adhere to. Just dab some primer on your moisturised lips and smooth with a finger. This will create a barrier between the lipstick and the lip skin, and prevent dryness. Also, lip primer helps the colour pop and makes the lipstick stay on for longer.


A concealer’s job is to even out the skin tone and if you have pigmented or uneven toned lips, a concealer can be of great help. Applying a thin layer of concealer on the lips will bring out the true colour of the lipstick and also help it last longer. Concealer is also used around the edges of the lips to hide smudges. Concealer gives crisp and clean lines making your lip shade look extra attractive on your pout.

Lip liner

Lining the lips along the edges ensures that the lipstick doesn’t bleed or feather. Also, it makes it easier to apply the lipstick within boundaries. You may also fill in the lips with the lip liner before layering on the lipstick for a better base. Fret not if you do not have the same coloured lip liner as your lipstick, you can go for a nude one instead. 

Blot away the excess

Layer your lip colour for better colour pay off and for durability. After applying the shade, blot away the extra colour by gently pressing down a thin tissue paper on the lips. Apply another layer of lipstick and do it again if needed. Another trick is to gently dust the tissue with translucent powder before applying the next layer of lipstick. Alternatively, you may just use your fingers to dab lipstick on the centre of the lips for a nice, lip stain effect. This works well when you do not want to wear lipstick but still wants a tinge of colour on the lips.


The surest way to see that your lipstick stays put is to check on it and re-apply if required. Quick touch-ups don’t take much time and will keep your lipstick intact all through the day/night. 

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Make way for your smooth and carefree kissing moment with our tips on how to make lipstick kiss proof! Have fun & kiss!



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