Tips for Wearing Makeup to the Gym


Wearing makeup to the gym is not that uncommon. After all you don’t know who you might bump into (ahem, you get the drift). No one expects you to walk out of the gym looking like a supermodel, but if you have to squeeze exercise in between things, you don’t have to go makeup-free always. You just need the right products and tips and you’ll never have to sacrifice looking presentable and pretty, for your workout. Your regular makeup probably isn’t enough to withstand a sweaty workout. Here’s what to (and what not to) include in your gym beauty routine…

Avoid full coverage/ heavy foundation
Now this is a simple one; a full face of makeup at the gym, prevents the skin from flushing out the toxins which come out in form of sweat from the pores. Congested skin may easily lead to breakouts and skin sensitivity. Go sheer or even better, go bare. Let your skin breathe minus the layer of foundation and it will glow from within.

Avoid wearing tons of eye makeup
This is not the time to create an elaborate smokey eye. The last thing you want during a workout is to reach up to wipe the sweat out of your eyes and end up smearing black eye shadow all over your face. Avoid wearing eyeliner as it will not last on sweaty lids. Focus on defining the eyes with kajal/kohl instead.

Define the eyes
If you have no motivation for any kind of eye makeup, just tight lining the eyes using kajal will do the trick. Use gel kohl or kajal with extra staying power so that it’ll last through the sweaty sessions at the gym.

Wear lip tint
If you want to go bare-faced but are afraid you’ll look like a ghost, adding a hint of colour to your lips will brighten up your face. Try lip tint or a tinted lip balm. MyGlamm’s Scrubilicious Lip Scrub & Colour Enhancer exfoliates the lips while bestowing it with a gorgeous splash of colour. Nude or light pink shades are perfect for the gym, as it gives that vitality to your lips without looking too much. You can also take your regular lipstick on your pinky and dab on ever so slightly on the lips for that tinge.

Wear waterproof mascara
Runny mascaras are not a great sight but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on your beloved mascara. Just swap the regular mascara with a waterproof one. MyGlamm’s Threesome Mascara is waterproof, smudge-roof and fade proof and defies sweat with its waterproof formula. It lengthens, curls and volumises so you have a fabu-lash day while burning cals.

Focus on your brow
Your face is never complete without a good set of brows. Trust us, it makes all the difference, with or without makeup. Fill in those sparse and unruly brows with Stay Defined HD Brow Powder. Even if the rest of your makeup is minimal, filled-in brows will frame your face and keep you looking put-together. The brow powder is smudge-proof and can easily last through a sweaty workout session.


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